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Happy Dump Day! Time to Laugh at Dads Changing Dirty Diapers

I can’t make fun of Mr. Candy’s diaper-changing skills — he’s a pro who actually OFFERS to change dirty diapers (now you see why I keep him around) — however, I can make fun of other dads, thankfully! So enjoy this video montage of fathers who haven’t exactly mastered the skill. (And they call us drama queens? Hmpf.) Because you can never get enough of baby powder fart explosions.

Well, I can’t, at least.

Funny Baby Video: Eight-Month-Old in Hysterics as Dad Lets ‘Er Rip

I’m late in posting this popular home video of a baby boy laughing hysterically as his dad rips up a job rejection letter — almost 10 million views so far! — but I can’t get enough of this kid howling in the face of Daddy’s dreams of acquiring gainful employment being flushed down the tubes.

Seriously. Get this kid a paper shredder. Christmas gift list: DONE.

Baby Thinks If You Liked It Then You Shoulda Put A Ring On It

What IS it about this song?  Not only has everybody and their poodle posted videos of themselves dancing to it on YouTube, but I also CAN’T HELP BUT WATCH THEM!  I also can’t get the catchy ditty out of my head.  In fact, I was just singing it to Miss Skye after hearing it on “Glee” tonight — and she was mesmerized.  Probably by my astounding inability to hit a single note, but still.  MES.  MER.  IZED.

And this baby…? Totally rocking the moves. Check him out at :39 — Sashay! Shante!

Funny Animated Potty Training Video

It was only a matter of time: Introducing “Potty Training: The Musical.

“It’s quite a gas!”

Baby Entertainment Weekly

(Warning: This video may or may not start out with, um, flatulence. Just to give you an idea of its level of classiness.)