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Deep Thoughts by Zahara Jolie-Pitt

“That’s right, people.  We left the dead weight behind.  Today is all about ME!”

Deep Thoughts by Sunday Rose Urban

“Joss Stone WISHES she rocked the bare feet as awesomely as I do!”

Deep Thoughts by Violet Affleck

“Woo-hoo!  Check me out!  Suri’s mom would NEVER let her wear pajamas to lunch.”

Deep Thoughts by a New Mom and Baby

DELIRIOUS NEW MOM:  Cute kid.  Wonder who it belongs to? DISAPPOINTED NEW BABY:  I traveled all the way down the freakin’ birth canal and all I got was this...

Deep Thoughts by Mercy James

“Da-yum.   This woman’s got some guns on her!”

Deep Thoughts by Suri Cruise

“Okay, this time I’m going to get it IN my mouth.”

Deep Thoughts by Ana Ortiz

Due with a girl at the end of July (sounds familiar) “‘Smile?’  Yeah, YOU try smiling, buddy, when your feet are swollen and your bladder feels even...

Deep Thoughts by Henry Driver

“Um, Mom?  That dog is eating my sock!”

Deep Thoughts by Nadya Suleman

“For an extra fifty bucks, I’ll get them to do the Macarena for you!”

Deep Thoughts by Kal-El Cage

“I know, I know… I’m trying not to stare at the roadkill on Daddy’s head, too.”