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Too Bad Their Invitations to the Royal Wedding Got Lost in the Mail: Babies in Fascinators

“Omigawd, those hats are ridiculous,” I exclaimed as Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie made their grand entrance at the royal wedding.  (You may have heard about that recent shindig?  Or maybe not… it was a very low-key affair.)  “I must get one!”  So I made Mr. Candy promise to take me somewhere appropriate, like brunch at IHOP, where I can confidently wear my new hat.  In the meantime, I’ve gathered pictures of babies in fascinators for all of us to enjoy.  And, given my love for baby hats and new appetite for fascinators, you KNOW this is pretty much the holy grail for me.

Sure hope Baby Freedom is secure enough in his masculinity to wear one of these beauties. Not that he’ll have much of a choice. BWA-HA-HAAAA!


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Mr. Candy Can No Longer Deny Their Blossoming Love

I got an early Mother’s Day gift from daycare on Friday:  Skye and Weston‘s official “Coming Out” portrait.

No, Skye is not dating a Trekkie in Android glasses; I’ve added a bar to protect my future son-in-law’s identity from the prying paparazzi.  But black bar or not, I think we can all agree on an important point:  Their coming out portrait totally kicks William and Kate’s wedding portrait‘s ass.

Funny Baby Video: Eight-Month-Old in Hysterics as Dad Lets ‘Er Rip

I’m late in posting this popular home video of a baby boy laughing hysterically as his dad rips up a job rejection letter — almost 10 million views so far! — but I can’t get enough of this kid howling in the face of Daddy’s dreams of acquiring gainful employment being flushed down the tubes.

Seriously. Get this kid a paper shredder. Christmas gift list: DONE.