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The Ultimate Guide for Holiday Decorating Ideas — The Laughing Stork

The Ultimate Guide for Holiday Decorating Ideas

Our ultimate Christmas guide features ideas for your plastic junk, grab-worthy centerpieces, ways to make decorating the Christmas tree even more laborious, and more.

Outdoor Decorations

The key to making a statement with your outdoor Christmas decorations:  “More is more,” advises The Laughing Stork’s design expert and Co-Chairkitty, Marcy Cuddles.  “To paraphrase Kelis, ‘My plastic junk brings all the neighbors to the yard.’  Don’t be afraid to layer that plastic junk with even more plastic junk — you can never have enough penguins in Santa hats, by the way — on both your yard and your roof, and complement it with several hundred strings of lights in varying colors.  Top it off with extra-loud Christmas music for the whole neighborhood to enjoy all night long and voila!  Magic.”

Hint:  If you take a step back and can still see a hint of your house, you haven’t gone far enough.  ADD MORE PLASTIC JUNK.

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