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10 Pictures of Cats Sitting with Santa Claws, Er…. Claus

When I think of Christmas, I imagine Christmas trees decorated with love, kisses under the mistletoe — and, most traditionally of all, cats sitting on Santa’s lap.  A visual celebration of this tradition:


"I can't believe you're leaving me alone with this criminal! He breaks into people's homes, you know!"


"Ginger, look at me... Hey, I'm sorry I told you this Santa isn't real."


"This is nothing," thinks Santa. "You should see Dancer and Prancer go at it!"


"A...little...softer...around the neck...please!" gulps the kitty.


Even harder than getting a good picture with a baby and a toddler.


"Sorry, Santa, but I'm TOTALLY upstaging you."


"All I want for Christmas is to get rid of the dog."


Talk about a jolly cat! *Ahem*




Little does Santa know the reason Kitty is cuddling with him... is because she smells Santa's tuna sandwich crumbs in his beard.

The Ultimate Guide for Holiday Decorating Ideas — The Laughing Stork

The Ultimate Guide for Holiday Decorating Ideas

Our ultimate Christmas guide features ideas for your plastic junk, grab-worthy centerpieces, ways to make decorating the Christmas tree even more laborious, and more.

Outdoor Decorations

The key to making a statement with your outdoor Christmas decorations:  “More is more,” advises The Laughing Stork’s design expert and Co-Chairkitty, Marcy Cuddles.  “To paraphrase Kelis, ‘My plastic junk brings all the neighbors to the yard.’  Don’t be afraid to layer that plastic junk with even more plastic junk — you can never have enough penguins in Santa hats, by the way — on both your yard and your roof, and complement it with several hundred strings of lights in varying colors.  Top it off with extra-loud Christmas music for the whole neighborhood to enjoy all night long and voila!  Magic.”

Hint:  If you take a step back and can still see a hint of your house, you haven’t gone far enough.  ADD MORE PLASTIC JUNK.

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Mommy’s Little Enabler, er…I Mean, Helper

Posted on Reddit by a mother whose child was working on one of those typical holiday worksheets (a.k.a. “Way for teachers to kill time before winter break”) at school and totally threw her under the bus with the question:

“What does your mom want for Christmas?”

Hold on just a second.  Is that a WINE BOTTLE WITH A STRAW?  “Win,” indeed!  What we have here is a glimpse into heaven, folks.  Add that baby to my Christmas list!