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Deep Thoughts by Jackson Theron

“Uh, Mom?  Get your nose out of the iced tea and HELP ME HERE!  I’ve seen what this guy’s done to the paparazzi.”

A Parent’s Guide to Dressing for the MTV Music Awards

If any of you parents happen to find yourself with an invitation to next year’s MTV Music Awards (and, hey, why wouldn’t you?) and you’re not sure how...

First Pictures of Charlize Theron’s Baby Boy Are Making My Ovaries Dance

Stop staring at me with that adorably perplexed look, Jackson Theron!  My son is nearing his one-year birthday, a milestone that has been known to make my ovaries do...

The Morning Dish: Charlize Theron Becomes a Mom; Drew Barrymore Fuels Pregnancy Rumors

So glad I can dish about the latest celebrity family gossip here because the cats are totally sick of hearing about Jennifer Aniston’s “baby bump.”...