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End-of-Week Celebrity Reprimands

Scolding deserving celebrities in our best “Mom Voice”…

Justin Bieber reportedly hits on a ton of models at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show

Tsk, tsk, tsk, young man.  You have a sweet girl in that Selena Gomez, so do right by her and do what all the other men in the world (except Leonardo DiCaprio) do — and JUST USE THE CATALOGS.

Diane Sawyer appears to be drunk during Election Night coverage

Diane!  How awful!  You were drinking… and didn’t invite ME for a toast?  That’s just rude.

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End-of-Week Celebrity Reprimands

Seems like some wayward celebrities just need a motherly voice to set them straight, doesn’t it?  So I figured I would try to help these poor souls out, scolding them in my best “Mom Voice” every week…

Rihanna Tweets a topless photo the morning after Halloween

Rihanna.  Rihanna, Rihanna, Rihanna.  You are a beautiful, talented and wildly successful woman — SO WHY ARE YOU TWEETING HALF-NAKED PHOTOS OF YOURSELF, YOUNG LADY?  You don’t need to try so hard to be sexy.  Really.  What is it — are you not getting enough attention?  Come here, sit down.  Tell me about your day…

Amanda Bynes reportedly walks out of tanning salon booth, butt naked, and casually walks around in search of goggles

Hey, sweetie.   Here… let me just put this comfy towel around you.  Now follow me!  I know where you can find goggles… they’re right around the corner, a few miles down, at this great psychiatric ward…

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