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Is Shakira’s Son Named After His Place of Conception?

shakira-pregnantCongratulations to Shakira and her baby-daddy, Gerard Piqué, who welcomed their son named Milan yesterday.  When hearing a name like that — along with Bronx Wentz, India Hemsworth and Brooklyn Beckham — I can’t help but wonder if these kids are named after their places of conception.  And if that IS a baby-naming trend in the celebrity world, then it’s possible some of these celebs got rather kinky…

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Celebrity Baby Name Craziness Update: Uma Thurman Throws Her Hat Into the Ring for Wackiest Name Yet

As you’ve likely heard by now, Uma Thurman has finally revealed the name of her six-month-old daughter — and it appears it took her that long because they, um, had a hard time agreeing on a name.  So they pared it down to just a dozen names or so.  Here it is, for those who have not yet been privy to the most amazing celebrity baby name in the world:

Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson, “better known to family and friends as Luna.”

I know, I know… a little on the simple side, right?  But, hey, to each his own.  Although the name may present some interesting challenges in the future:

1.  “Luna” will cringe as soon as she sees she has to sign her full name on her driver’s license…

2.  …And SAT forms.

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Pop Quiz: What is the Inspiration Behind Reese Witherspoon’s Baby Name?

“North Carolina? No, I dated a guy in high school named that…”

Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth have welcomed a baby boy named Tennesee James.  Yes, TENNESSEE!  Let’s see if you can identify the inspiration behind this unusual name:  Why did Reese and Jim name their baby TENNESSEE?

1.  Because Reese and Jim are huge fans of states resembling trapezoids.  (Who isn’t, really?)

2.  Because a tactful friend said to Reese at the end of her pregnancy, “Yikes!  You’re as big as TENNESSEE!”

3.  Because they were afraid if they named him “Mississippi,” nobody would ever spell his name right.

4.  Because the night of conception started off with Jim going down SOUTH.   (Did Candy just go there?  Oh yes, she did!)

5.  Because Reese grew up in Nashville.  (I think we all know there’s no WAY it is this one.)

6.  None of the above.  Reese and Jim named him TENNESSEE because _____________.

And the Name of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Baby is…

Have you heard?  Of COURSE you’ve already heard.

Blue Ivy.

Oh, thank you Celebrity Baby Name Gods for blessing us with another entertaining name that people will either love or hate.  Me…?  I’m just happy to hear the baby is healthy — and hope against hope that Blue Ivy is, indeed their daughter’s name and not just some rumor the tabloids are teasing us with.  Because I don’t want to be the only one lucky enough to have the name of a stripper.

In fact, “Blue Ivy” conjures up many possible business ideas-slash-baby announcements…

There is Blue Ivy:  The nightclub.

The Blue Ivy:  a poorly-Photoshopped novel about a poet and his tragedy-prone family in eighteenth-century Germany.

Finally, of course, there is Blue Ivy:  The Old Lady perfume.

Congrats to those crazy music moguls and their little bundle of nightclub-slash-novel-slash perfume!

Thoughts about what Blue Ivy reminds YOU of?  Please do share!

Olympian Jennie Finch Celebrates Tongue Twisters, Fossil Fuels with New Baby’s Name

"Mom named my little brother WHAT...?!

Olympian Jennie Finch and hubby, San Francisco Giants pitcher Casey Daigle, welcomed their second son yesterday, naming him — wait for it… wait for it… — Diesel Dean Daigle.

And I thought Candy Kirby was bad.

But laugh not!  Diesel’s parents have set him up nicely for a future rap career as D-Cubed, if he should so choose.  And as an added bonus for the little guy, it will be nearly impossible for them to admonish him by his full name due to hazardous tongue-twisting conditions.

“Get back here, Dies Dag… I mean, Diesel Der, Der… oh, forget it.”

Diesel weighed in at 8 lbs., 2 oz. and is 22¼ inches long.  He joins big brother Ace Shane, 5, at home.

Congrats to the all-star athlete parents and their little bundle of fossil fuel!

Antonio Sabato Jr. Spreads the Love, About to Have Third Child with Third Baby Mama

Antonio Sabato Jr. — whom I met when I was a writer for “The Bold and the Beautiful,” on which he briefly starred and, well, let’s just say he wasn’t exactly the friendliest of fellows — is about to have his third child with his third baby mama.

How Lil Wayne of him!

Yes, Antonio and his girlfriend, singer Cheryl Moana Marie, have announced they’re expecting a son in the spring.  They plan to name the baby Antonio Sabato III after his father and grandfather, and one of his middle names will be — get his — Kamakanaalohamaikalani, which means “a beloved gift from the heavens,” as well as “completely unpronounceable.”

The other middle name…?  Harvey.

Just to summarize, the little guy’s name will be Antonio Kamakanaalohamaikalani Harvey Sabato the Third.

UGH!  They totally stole our baby name.  Oh well.  Back to the drawing board…