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5 Ways That Cats Can Serve as Baby Accessories

If you happen to have a cat when you become pregnant, there invariably will be people who will tell you that you MUST get rid of the poor feline for any variety of crazy...

Monday Morning Pep Talk

The Right Way Versus The Wrong Way to Respond When a Person’s Cat Dies

Perhaps the only debate that gets folks more riled up than the PRO-LIFE VERSUS PRO-CHOICE argument is one of equal importance: CATS VERSUS DOGS!  This is no surprise,...

Time to Send Out Another “Appropriate Wardrobe” Memo to The Laughing Stork Staff

Just so you see the tomfoolery I have to deal with here at The Laughing Stork office.  Here’s a word from our co-chair-kitty, Larry…

Guest Post from the Cats: Human Memes

Today’s guest bloggers are Candy’s cats, Larry and Lucy, who are considered trailblazers among the feline community in the realm of kitty-blogging. Lucy and...


Haven’t Seen This Much Excitement from a Cat Since the All-You-Can-Eat Meow Mix Buffet

Good thing it’s the weekend! Now the cat can finally sleep 22 hours a day, rather than his usual measly 20.

The Terrible Twos, As Reenacted by a Cat

An eerily accurate portrayal of my son’s behavior lately… As inspired by Ninja Mom’s “Cry-Baby Captions!”


Why We Don’t Bring Our Cats to the Beach

Although the lifeguard stations do make great scratching posts.


Funny Cat Picture: The Aristocat


Funny Cat Cartoon: Finicky Feline