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Birth Announcements Gone Horribly Wrong

When researching girl birth announcements, it quickly became clear I had three thematic options:  pink and white; pink and brown; pink and more pink.  So we went with — hold on to your hats here — pink.   I’d initially had visions of a, um, less pink and more original birth announcement.  You know, something with color!  Humor!  Personality!

But when you’re running on two hours of sleep and have yellow baby poop in your hair…?  A personality-filled birth announcement becomes less of a priority.  I just wanted to get those freakin’ things in the mail.  Bring on the pink!

In my deliriously exhausted state, however, I wondered:  What if if some people were to be completely truthful with their announcements?  I’m guessing they might look something like this:



Yeah, maybe pink’s not so bad, after all.