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5 Most Ridiculous Celebrity Mom (and Dad) Pictures Shared on the Internet

I try very, very hard not to judge other parents– unless, that is, they happen to be a celebrity posting ridiculous pictures of themselves on the Internet, in...

How Parenthood Influenced Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Grammy Performance

Everybody’s talking about how Beyonce and Jay-Z’s performance of “Drunk in Love” at last night’s Grammys was oh-so-so risque — but,...

Pop Quiz: What is Blue Ivy Thinking in This Picture?

Blue Ivy is thinking what as her mom, Beyonce, carries her up the plank to a yacht in Ibiza while wearing 6.5-inch heels?

Deep Thoughts by Blue Ivy



In Today’s Crazy Talk News: Beyonce Says Changing Diapers is “So Beautiful”

If you were wondering about the contents of Blue Ivy’s diapers, you’re in luck!  She apparently poops POTPOURRI — because that’s the only...


A Beyoncé Logic Problem

School may be out for the summer, but that doesn’t mean we can’t continue flexing those mathematical muscles with an important logic problem… If...


Top 10 Explanations for Beyonce’s Questionable “60-Pound Weight Loss”

During a recent concert Beyonce told fans, “I had to lose 60 pounds. They had me on that treadmill. I ate lettuce!  Now tonight I’m gonna get chocolate...


Get the Look for Less: Beyonce’s “Blue” Necklace

For a price that won't leave you blue. (See what we did there?)

Debra Messing uses her easy-access dress to score some beads at the event!  Sweet.

Moms Hit the Red Carpet at the 2012 Met Ball [OH YES, THERE ARE PHOTOS]

My invitation to this year’s Met gala somehow got lost in the mail — No!  I lie!  The cats and I are convinced Leslie Bibb totally stole it — so...


The Morning Dish: Charlize Theron Becomes a Mom; Drew Barrymore Fuels Pregnancy Rumors

So glad I can dish about the latest celebrity family gossip here because the cats are totally sick of hearing about Jennifer Aniston’s “baby bump.”...