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The Celebrity Stork Roundup: David and Harper Beckham Offer Daily Dose of Cuteness and Sugar Bear Makes June an Honest Woman


Two-year-old Harper and her mom visit David Beckham in Paris to help him celebrate his 38th birthday.

Coincidentally, a squeeze and kiss from David Beckham is on MY birthday wish list.

Rachel Zoe and husband Rodger Berman offer son Skyler a makeshift swing while leaving lunch in L.A.

Probably for the best he doesn’t scuff his $500 toddler boots, anyway.

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The Family Dish: Katherine Heigl Introduces Baby Adalaide & Aishwarya Rai Rocks Cannes, Horns

WHOLE ‘NOTHER KIND OF WORLD PREMIERE:  Katherine Heigl introduces baby Adalaide
As Naleigh puts a reassuring hand on Katherine’s shoulder:  “Mom, let’s have a talk about that crimping iron…”

IF ONLY I COULD LOOK THIS “HIDEOUS”:  Aishwarya Rai appears at Cannes looking gorgeous, amidst criticism for — GASP! — retaining some baby weight
In other insightful observations, that logo behind her head totally makes her look like she has horns.

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The Curious Case of Bethenny Frankel’s Breasts

Did any of you watch The Real Housewives of New York season premiere tonight? Because, although I will always be grateful to Bethenny Frankel for her Skinny Girl Margarita recipe, I am gravely concerned about the State of Her Breasts:

Is that… a belly button on her chest? Would that be called a breast button? Also, unless she ordered the Idaho Potato-Boob Special, she should really ask her surgeon for a refund on those lumpy orbs. Even though they’re the only part of the show that kept my attention — for better or for worse.