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Awkward Baby Shower Cakes: Push It Good

Baby showers are a time for women to “ooohhh” and “aaahhh” over tiny socks and breast pumps, and for men to be thankful they’re not women.

Also, apparently, a time to let the Baby Mama know exactly what’s in store for her:

A cake AND effective birth control

Never before did I think I would have to censor a baby shower cake, but there’s a first for everything, I suppose — including the first time I’ve looked at a dessert and actually LOST my appetite (truly, a Sign of the Apocalypse).

For those of you who forgot your I.D. in order to see this X-rated goodie in all its uncensored glory, YES, the carpet matches the curtains.  I know you were wondering.  Sicko!

Keeping You Abreast of Baby Shower Cake Trends

A tres leches cake, no doubt

This is what happens when a man designs a cake:  Amazing attention to detail on the perfectly perky double-Ds (clearly, this cake has been stored in the FREEZER), yet the poor mom is missing an arm, head and legs — and has given birth to Baby Gumby.

Yup, this cake pretty much encapsulates The Beauty of Motherhood through the eyes of a dude.  Awwwww.


Baby Shower Cakes That Make You Go, Hmmmm

A cake certain to make the baby shower hostess the butt of many jokes:

Well, this is just all sorts of wrong, isn’t it?  I mean, everybody knows you’re NOT SUPPOSED TO LAY A BABY ON HER STOMACH, a fact that’s been drilled home several billion times by my baby books —

What’s that?  Oh yes, that IS a headless baby, isn’t it?  Huh.  Ah, nothing says “have a healthy, happy pregnancy” quite like a beheaded baby dessert!  Suppose that renders the whole laying-baby-on-her-stomach argument moot.

Even the teddy bear is bowled over in disbelief.

[via CakeWrecks.com]

Pop Quiz: Baby Shower Cake

The most striking detail of this cake is what?

1)  That it clearly was terribly cold in the bakery the day they frosted the cake;

2)  The Dutch pride displayed on those elegant acrylic nails;

3)  That the elegant acrylic nails apparently belong to an Amazonian alien;

4)  The irony in the fact that her belly button resembles a condom;

5)  Um, what…?  I’m sorry, but I’m currently blinded by the cake’s high beams.