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Break Out the Binoculars! It’s Official “Baby Bump Watch” Season with Megan Fox

Although Megan Fox and hubby Brian Austin Green have yet to address the pregnancy rumors, tabloids have declared that it is officially MEGAN FOX BABY BUMP WATCH SEASON.  Only instead of using binoculars, the paparazzi grab their long-lens cameras and stalk their possibly pregnant prey, then share their observations with the tabloids to document.  The baby bump experts’ findings thus far:

June 7 — In what one celebrity site boldly calls “Megan Fox Maybe Pregnant Pictures in LA,” Megan “shows her belly” and has “one hand on her stomach.”  Don’t worry if you didn’t pick up on these subtle details, yourself.  These baby bump watchers’ keen powers of observation are based on years of analyzing celebrity bumps.

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