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Precious Family Photo: Sisterly Bonding

Talk to the hand, indeed.

Notes Heather:

“This is a photo of my younger sister and I on Christmas in 1996. I’m the one with the triumphant look on my face holding the cards and mashing my hand in my sister’s face. I love this picture because it pretty much sums up the relationship I have with my sister. It also tells you a lot about my family… like the fact that my parents took a picture of the situation before pulling me off of my sister.”

It’s a Pose-Off! David and Victoria Beckham Share Photos of Themselves Striking a Pose with Baby Harper

Say what we want about The Beckhams, one thing remains true:  they’re a beautiful family.  And they totally know it.  Which is why David and Victoria engaged in an online game of “Who Can Post the Most Precious Picture of Us?” over the weekend, with Becks posting this ridiculously sweet pic of Posh snuggling with the little one on his Facebook page, gushing, “I took this picture of my two girls sleeping…”

…And Posh responding — how else? — on Twitter with this equally gorgeous shot of David admiring Miss Harper and the caption, “Daddy’s little girl!”:

Awwww.  It’s only a matter of time until Us Weekly demands to know:  WHO POSED WITH THE BABY BEST?

The Eldest Daughter

Our Cinco de Mayo kitty, Marcy, may turn the big 1-0 today, but at least she doesn’t look as old as this photograph, which appears to have been taken during the Civil War Era.  Or at least during the Era of When Grocery Stores Still Processed Disposable Cameras.  Yes!  Way back then.

Move Over, Kate and Wills…

An update on the real romance of the decade:  A well-placed daycare source tells us that Miss Skye’s boyfriend fell pretty hard at school today — and our 20-month-old daughter immediately sprung into action, comfortingly patting his back and hugging him.  His tears stopped soon thereafter.

You feel that?  That’s an almost seven-months-pregnant lady swooning over the cuteness of it all — and, being rather front-heavy, toppling over and CRASHING to the ground.

As usual, her daycare teacher was not properly armed with a camera at the time.  *SIGH*  Why do we pay these people?  To watch our kids and ensure their safety?  Pshaw.  I DEMAND PICTURES OF MY DAUGHTER BEING ADORABLE, PEOPLE, FIRST AND FOREMOST.

MR. CANDY:  How nice of you to help your friend at daycare today, Skye!

ME:  Friend?

MR. CANDY:  That’s my delusion and I’m sticking to it.

But seriously.  Why is E! News covering this royal wedding hoopla 24/7 when there is a riveting young romance blossoming right in their backyard?  In case you do decide to cover this breaking story, Seacrest and Rancic (wise move), Skye was wearing a pink peasant blouse and butterfly-emblazoned jeans at the time of the hug.  Styled by Gymboree and Carter’s.  Hair self-styled with a handful of yogurt.

Adorable Baby Videos Could Cure All the World’s Ills (And Kim Jong-ils)

In my bummed out state here in the hospital, I have tried to gain perspective on how my life only mildly sucks by remembering far bigger tragedies in the world, such as the ongoing devastation in Japan and, oh yeah, the radiation plume headed right towards me and my family in L.A. So, yeah, I got perspective all right. Perspective out my potentially radioactive wazoo.

Let’s face it: Sometimes when you’re feeling down, what you really need is an adorable, laugh-out-loud video of a baby reacting to his mom’s booger-blowing technique.

That’s what I’m talkin’ about. This bedridden mama needs less perspective, more giggles. Heck, this video would even make Kim Jong-il kick off his platform shoes, tearfully declare Make More Cute Baby Videos, Not Nuclear War!, then point to the screen and ask, ‘‘Gain? ‘Gain? (just as my daughter would say, nodding her head and leading my hand to the remote control for the twentieth time).


Yes, Lucy is reaching out to hold her big sister’s paw.  Before you rush to the dentist in fear of getting a cavity from all of this sweetness, however, I should confess that Marcy irritatedly swiped at Lucy a second later.  Because that’s how the old curmudgeon rolls.  Tolerates her sister’s presence, but does not encourage anything beyond that.  Which is why I am SO happy to have captured this shot, arming me with more ammunition on my Mission:  Make Mr. Candy Feel Guilty Enough to Get Poor Lucy a Play-Slash-Cuddle Buddy.  Because that’s how this crazy cat lady rolls.


Awesome Valentine’s Day Smooches


Valentine’s Day is not just about expressing love with flowers, cards and candy — it is also about being deeply, deeply sad that you cannot split a celebratory bottle of Shiraz with your husband or slip into sexy lingerie without resembling a sausage because you are five months pregnant.  Or maybe that’s just my romantic view of it.

As any historian will tell you, the holiday is rooted in honoring Saint Valentine, a romantic martyr who was persecuted as a Christian and, more importantly, as a lover of Internet memes, especially funny pictures of babies, cats and dogs kissing.

This slideshow is for you, St. Valentine.

(To read the captions accompanying the photos, click on — you guessed it — “Caption”)

The Culprit Behind the Interruption in Today’s Regularly Scheduled Programming

Pink eye discharge, or what is known in medical circles as "icky gook"

An out-of-the-blue vomiting session in one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants on Wednesday evening — three times before we’d even ordered or were able to get her out of there, including once beside another patron’s table (a side of upchuck with your tortellini, sir?) — followed by an ear infection and pink eye today.  Pretty impressive, huh?  Yes, our daughter is an overachiever in the fine art of childhood ailments!