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The Family Dish: Katherine Heigl Introduces Baby Adalaide & Aishwarya Rai Rocks Cannes, Horns

WHOLE ‘NOTHER KIND OF WORLD PREMIERE:  Katherine Heigl introduces baby Adalaide
As Naleigh puts a reassuring hand on Katherine’s shoulder:  “Mom, let’s have a talk about that crimping iron…”

IF ONLY I COULD LOOK THIS “HIDEOUS”:  Aishwarya Rai appears at Cannes looking gorgeous, amidst criticism for — GASP! — retaining some baby weight
In other insightful observations, that logo behind her head totally makes her look like she has horns.

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Filed Under “Seriously?!”: Aishwarya Rai Ridiculed in India for Not Losing Baby Weight Fast Enough

I used to think David Hasselhoff was our most cringe-worthy export, but no…!  Turns out, it’s our expectation that celebrities return to a size zero weeks after giving birth (coincidentally, also see my post below). Unfortunately for Bollywood star, former Miss World and ridiculously beautiful woman, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, that expectation has led to some really nasty criticism of her appearance — from fans, the media, blogs, what-have-you — just six months after giving birth to daughter Aaradhya.

In an especially cruel example, a site posted a video of the actress, juxtaposing images of her pre- and post-baby — overlaid with the sound of ELEPHANTS trumpeting.  Get it?  How clever!  Making me lose even more faith in humanity, the clip has been viewed more than a half-million times.  (It was such a fantastic concept that other sites have followed suit, with similar view counts).

“She is a Bollywood actress and it is her duty to look good and fit,” one video commenter sniped. Another suggested she “needs to learn from people like Victoria Beckham who are back to size zero weeks after their delivery.”

Victoria Beckham, who orders plates of DRY LETTUCE for dinner.  A healthy role model for all new moms, for sure.  Heck, I think Aishwarya should take it a step further and order empty plates for dinner!  Because being skinny takes precedence over being a happy and healthy mom.

Try not to take their misguided opinions to heart, Ms. Rai.  After all, these are the same people who also bestowed David Hasselhoff with the “Bollywood International Star of the Year” award.