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We Asked, You Answered: Does Your Kid Have an Unusual “Lovey”?

My three-year-old daughter has developed a strange bedtime routine, wherein she refuses to go to sleep without applying ChapStick — in her bed — multiple...


Top 10 Worst Attempts to “Mom”-ify Words

Apparently, once you become a mom, every descriptor relating to you must have “MOM” injected into it, no matter how forced or cringe-worthy.  Because now we...


Boy Calls 911 on Mom to Avoid Bedtime — Inspiring a Top 10 List of “Dumbest 911 Calls Ever Made”

My kids employ plenty of bedtime delay tactics (see: here), but I suppose I should be thankful they haven’t called the police on me, as a 10-year-old Boston boy...


Fiance of the Year So Far: Brad Pitt Gives Angelina Jolie Breath Mints for Valentine’s Day

If you thought Angelina Jolie had the best Valentine’s Day ever just because she’s with Brad Pitt, well, no offense, but you were completely and utterly...


10 Worst Ways to Encourage Your Wife to Have Sex with You After Baby

Many men I know — I, uh, won’t name names — complain that their wives don’t put out as much after having a baby, what with the mind-numbing...


10 Important Lessons Our Children Learn from Princess Stories

How much do I love classic princess tales?  Let me count the ways… Feel free to add other heartwarming, princess-inspired lessons in the comments section!


Top 10 Worst Phrases a Doctor Could Utter During a Vasectomy

(Note to Medical Professionals:  It’s important to be very sensitive to men’s anxieties and use delicate language when they’re undergoing the...


Top 10 Signs You Are the Second Child

As you know, The Laughing Stork is not always about making silly jokes — the cats and I also work tirelessly to raise awareness about devastating conditions...


10 Things I Hate Myself For Thinking… But Never Say

Oh, c’mon.  You know at least one of these embarrassing thoughts has crossed your mind, too… 10.  Really?  Only 3 likes and 1 “lol” comment...


5 Best Halloween Pranks for Parents

Why should only the kids have all the mischief-filled fun on Halloween?  If you’re looking to exact revenge on that teenager who smashed all of your pumpkins, or...