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Top 10 Things My Parents Taught Me

Important life lessons that I will, no doubt, pass down to my daughter and son… 10.  Medicine:  1)  “If you don’t stop crossing your eyes, they are...


12 Things A Father Would Never Say to His Daughter

In celebration of Father’s Day being right around the corner, I’ve come up with a list of things that my dad never, ever would have said to me while I was...


Top 10 Baby Shower Gifts Nobody Buys for You — But Should

Back when I was pregnant with the little chica, I was fortunate to receive a ton of gifts from loving friends and family, many of whom ignored the baby registries I...


Top 10 Parenting Phrases That Used to Have Completely Different (Read: Dirtier) Meanings

Remember the pre-kids days when these phrases meant something completely different?  (Yeah, we don’t either.)    

"Sure, I'll read this to you for the one-billionth time today!"

Top 10 Signs You Are the Mother of a Toddler

Being the parent of a child between the ages of 1 and 3 is a very special time — and, sometimes, a very “special” time — that changes your...

Top 10 Best Things About Halle Berry Being a Mother of “Advanced Maternal Age”

When Halle Berry announced that she was (GASP!) pregnant at 46 years of age, people were taken aback — and had plenty of judgmental words to impart around the...


10 Weirdest Things We Have Said to Our Kids Lately

The other day I heard myself telling my three-year-old daughter, Skye, “No, I do NOT want to lick your flashcard,” then immediately thought, Man, motherhood...


10 Ways My Preschooler is Like an Elderly Person

I can’t help but notice that my daughter and 91-year-old grandmother have quite a bit in common…


We Asked, You Answered: Does Your Kid Have an Unusual “Lovey”?

My three-year-old daughter has developed a strange bedtime routine, wherein she refuses to go to sleep without applying ChapStick — in her bed — multiple...


Top 10 Worst Attempts to “Mom”-ify Words

Apparently, once you become a mom, every descriptor relating to you must have “MOM” injected into it, no matter how forced or cringe-worthy.  Because now we...