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6 Tips for a Fun St. Patrick’s Day Celebration with the Family

Now that we have little ones, Mr. Candy and I don’t exactly party on St. Patty’s Day like we used to (meaning: we see something about it on the evening news and say “Is it March already?” and pass out ten minutes later).  Sort of like this:

However, that doesn’t mean we can’t find fun ways to celebrate it with the family!

A few tips from us to you:

1.  Instead of laughing over copious glasses of Guinness (mmmmm…Guinness), laugh at how mortified your child looks when you outfit him in ridiculous-looking St. Patrick’s Day accessories.

PLEASE NOTE:  If he looks this happy with himself, you are doing something wrong.

Parenting Tip of the Day: Baby Tattoos

[via AFP]

PRO BABY TATTOO TIP:  If the first baby tattoo possesses zero percent of your child’s cuteness — and the artist has, in fact, rendered your precious offspring as a frightened baby zombie who just watched Miley Cyrus on the VMAs — do NOT hesitate to say, “Yeah.  We’re good.  We can just stop here,” before running to the nearest exit and never turning back.  After seeing how the first one turned out, your other two children will surely understand why they were not “honored.”


5 Tips for Helping Dads-to-Be Shine in Maternity Portraits

It is all-too-easy for daddies-to-be to get upstaged when posing with expectant moms and their blossoming bellies in pregnancy portraits (Could you move farther back there, Dad?  Farther… farther…), but daddies obviously play an important part in the baby-makin’ process, too!

So here are The Laughing Stork’s no-fail maternity photo shoot tips for men who want to make sure they shine in the pictures, as well.

1.  Find a way to subtly take control of the photo session.

2.  If you’re going to superimpose yourself on your wife’s stomach, make sure you are naked, in the fetal position and sucking your thumb.  A Farmer’s Tan also adds a certain je ne sais quois.

3.  Don’t be afraid to pose in a way that screams, “HEY!  SOMEBODY PAY ATTENTION TO ME!”

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Pro Family Photography Tip: How to Capture a Toddler with a Genuine Smile

Miss Skye is at the age where capturing a decent picture of her is nearly impossible.  Place a two-and-a-half-year-old in front of the camera and you’ll either get a blur of activity or a fake “CHEESE!” smile:

As genuine as a Kardashian wedding

So when my mother requested copies of pictures I’d recently taken of our smiley six-month-old and asked, “Do you have any good ones of Skylar?” I became determined to coax a genuine smile out of our daughter for the camera and my mom’s refrigerator.

My first effort was not exactly successful:

Unless she was doing her best Gilbert Gottfried impression, in which case:  SUCCESS.

But then… wait, what have we here?

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Domestic Tip of the Day

Problem:  Your clumsy 20-lb. cat decides to jump on your desk to google “hot kitty Halloween costumes,” knocking your full glass of fruit punch on the floor in the process, and even a professional carpet cleaner is unable to get the damn stain out.

Solution:  Brighten up the area with lovely flowers.  This will not only counteract the ugliness of the stain, but also distract house guests from noticing the stain and instead lead them to wonder, “Why the hell does this nutbag have a vase of flowers in the middle of her rug?”

This has been your Martha Stewart-esque home and garden tip of the day!