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Kim Kardashian Models Her Maternity Style

Possible names for that style include: The Lampshade The Mushroom The Bump Tent The “I Need to Embrace Actual Maternity Clothes STAT”

Celebrities Offer Tips for Amazing Maternity Style

For pregnant women who want to, um, really make a lasting impression.

Maternity Fashion Police: Beyonce at New York Fashion Week

Awwww.  To help her bond with Baby Bey-Jay — and understand his/her future needs — Beyonce wears what looks like the world’s fullest diaper.

Candy’s Shocking Maternity Wear Confession: “The Empire Waist is No Friend of Mine!”

I made a big mistake in buying maternity clothes my first time ’round, that mistake being:  I thought I would look reasonably attractive in them.  I scooped up...

“World’s Most Comfortable Maternity Skirt” (and Classiest Too)

Finally!  A maternity skirt that shows the world what your pregnant stomach looks like, takes an hour to lace up AND trips you with its extra-long string. 

Heidi Klum Designs Maternity Clothes for the, Um, Confident Pregnant Lady

If anybody should be familiar with the challenge of trying to be stylish during pregnancy, it’s four-timer Heidi Klum — so it’s no surprise Ms. Heidi...

Nothing Says Motherhood Like a Bullet Belt and Cone Boobs

The good news:  Jean-Paul Gaultier featured a — GASP! — heavily pregnant model on the Spring 2010 catwalk in Paris.

Maternity Accessories That Secure Your Pregnant Jiggly Bits

The Laughing Stork is a family/pregnancy/parenting site of sorts — albeit a fairly crass one — so it’s no surprise I’ve started getting inundated...

The Baby Mama Party Shirt

I went to the Express on Friday to return a maxi dress I’d bought online that made me resemble a muumuu-wearing pineapple. I don’t know why I continue to buy...