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Kim Kardashian Models Her Maternity Style

Possible names for that style include: The Lampshade The Mushroom The Bump Tent The “I Need to Embrace Actual Maternity Clothes STAT”

BEYONCE:  "Celebrate impending motherhood by wearing what looks like the world’s fullest diaper."

Celebrities Offer Tips for Amazing Maternity Style

For pregnant women who want to, um, really make a lasting impression.

Maternity Fashion Police: Beyonce at New York Fashion Week

Awwww.  To help her bond with Baby Bey-Jay — and understand his/her future needs — Beyonce wears what looks like the world’s fullest diaper.


Candy’s Shocking Maternity Wear Confession: “The Empire Waist is No Friend of Mine!”

I made a big mistake in buying maternity clothes my first time ’round, that mistake being:  I thought I would look reasonably attractive in them.  I scooped up...


“World’s Most Comfortable Maternity Skirt” (and Classiest Too)

Finally!  A maternity skirt that shows the world what your pregnant stomach looks like, takes an hour to lace up AND trips you with its extra-long string. 


Heidi Klum Designs Maternity Clothes for the, Um, Confident Pregnant Lady

If anybody should be familiar with the challenge of trying to be stylish during pregnancy, it’s four-timer Heidi Klum — so it’s no surprise Ms. Heidi...


Nothing Says Motherhood Like a Bullet Belt and Cone Boobs

The good news:  Jean-Paul Gaultier featured a — GASP! — heavily pregnant model on the Spring 2010 catwalk in Paris.


Maternity Accessories That Secure Your Pregnant Jiggly Bits

The Laughing Stork is a family/pregnancy/parenting site of sorts — albeit a fairly crass one — so it’s no surprise I’ve started getting inundated...


The Baby Mama Party Shirt

I went to the Express on Friday to return a maxi dress I’d bought online that made me resemble a muumuu-wearing pineapple. I don’t know why I continue to buy...