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ALERT: Missing Onesie

ALERT:  If your baby is missing a onesie, this woman likely stole it for the VMAs.


The Best, The Worst and the Most ‘Frozen’-Inspired Dressed at the 2014 Oscars: As Critiqued by Me, My Husband and My Four-Year Old Daughter

Because when you think of quality family time, you think of judging celebrities’ outfits together.  Also, I should note that I did not prompt or in any other way...

Grammys Fashion Inspired by Household Products

Considering the Grammys are supposed to be the edgier and cooler sibling of the awards show family, it’s funny that some of the attendees appeared to be...

The Maternal Fashion Police: What the Heck is Going ON with You, Miley Cyrus?

I have to admit, when I watched Miley Cyrus “perform” (read: dry hump) with Robin Thicke at the VMAs, I wasn’t all that shocked or outraged.  Then...

Celebrity Fashion That Reminds Us of Household Products: Cate Blanchett Edition

Not that long ago, I mused that a number of the gowns at the Met Gala were inspired by household products.  And I see that trend is still alive and well… LEFT: ...


Preschooler Fashion Police: Rihanna Edition

Nobody is more honest than kids (except when it comes to admitting guilt about “freshening up” the patio furniture with permanent Magic Marker, that is), so...


Met Gala Gowns That Remind Us of Household Products

Maybe being a mom has skewed our perspective, but these gowns from the Met Gala seemed less “punk” (the theme of the event) and more “household...


2013 Oscars Fashion Police: Hosted by a Mom and a Three-Year-Old

Now that my daughter is three, she has opinions on pretty much everything — from what she wears to the songs I’m allowed to sing (not many).  So I thought I...

Fashion Police: Kim Kardashian’s Maternity Style

Poor Kim.  When people told her playing Peek-a-Boo is popular among moms, she obviously thought they said Peek-a-BOOB.  Photo via Us Weekly


Family Fashion Police: Ali Larter

Mr. Candy, our three-year-old daughter Skye and I share our thoughts about celebrities’ outfits.  Because the family that gossips together…watches E! News...