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Get the Celebrity Mom Look: Victoria Beckham

Okay, so when you think of “mom-friendly style,” and “comfortable” and “wearable,” Victoria Beckham isn’t exactly the first...

ALERT: Missing Onesie

ALERT:  If your baby is missing a onesie, this woman likely stole it for the VMAs.

What Your Summer Sandals Say About You

Turns out, flip-flops can say a lot beyond their slightly obnoxious smacking sound. A little something I cooked up for NickMom


Father’s Day is Around the Corner

Perhaps Dad could use a new outfit.  This one would be perfect for yard work!


10 Eye-Catching Matching Prom Ensembles

It’s prom season, parents!  If your darling teenager is having problems choosing that special dress, be sure to share these can’t-fail fashion tips for her...

You Might Be a Mom at the Met Ball Gala If…

You took your daughter’s advice to “Dress like Belle!”


The Best, The Worst and the Most ‘Frozen’-Inspired Dressed at the 2014 Oscars: As Critiqued by Me, My Husband and My Four-Year Old Daughter

Because when you think of quality family time, you think of judging celebrities’ outfits together.  Also, I should note that I did not prompt or in any other way...

Grammys Fashion Inspired by Household Products

Considering the Grammys are supposed to be the edgier and cooler sibling of the awards show family, it’s funny that some of the attendees appeared to be...

Because It’s Fun to Laugh at Hipsters: Jimmy Kimmel Tricks Fashion Week Attendees with Fake Designers

As moms, we can often feel out-of-the-loop with the latest trends.  Because when we’re juggling one-million-and-two things, keeping apprised of which color is...

The Maternal Fashion Police: What the Heck is Going ON with You, Miley Cyrus?

I have to admit, when I watched Miley Cyrus “perform” (read: dry hump) with Robin Thicke at the VMAs, I wasn’t all that shocked or outraged.  Then...