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Mall Easter Bunny by day, bank robber by night.

Hippity Hoppity, Terrifying Easter Bunny Portraits Are on Their Way…

Because what captures the Easter spirit better than a gallery of creepy Easter Bunny pictures…?! [portfolio_slideshow]

Humiliating Pet Portraits: Cats & Dogs in New Year’s Hats

New Year’s parties and resolutions may come and go, but one thing remains constant year after year: people’s affinity for wearing ridiculous New Year’s...

Who's your daddy?  I don't know, but looks like he could benefit from a hair trimmer and new tanning salon.

Father’s Day Cakes Most Likely to Remain in the Clearance Corner

In case you’re looking for beautifully worded — and oh-so-grammatically-correct — confectioneries for inspiration this Sunday…...

Hey, don't judge.  We parents don't always have time to go to the grocery store.

Children’s Book Titles That Make You Go, Hmmmm

Please note: The Laughing Stork recommends viewing this with an inappropriately dirty mind. [portfolio_slideshow]

Even a tragic case of gangrene of the face can't keep Shrek from this birthday celebration.

Kids’ Birthday Cakes Gone Terribly Wrong [Slide Show]

Elmo, baseball and princess cakes have been done to death, so why not spice things up at your child’s birthday party with a truly original cake, one that should...

"Ginger, look at me... Hey, I'm sorry I told you this Santa isn't real."

10 Pictures of Cats Sitting with Santa Claws, Er…. Claus

When I think of Christmas, I imagine Christmas trees decorated with love, kisses under the mistletoe — and, most traditionally of all, cats sitting on...

Instilling confidence in parants everywhere.

Getting in the Back-to-School Spirit

A photo gallery of inspiring pictures to celebrate the educational system and get parents in the back-to-school spirit… [portfolio_slideshow]  

Wait, the message of this one is subtle.  What is she trying to say, exactly?

Dear Mom and Dad: Camp Bites the Big One

I have many wonderful memories from my childhood, none of which include my experiences at summer camp.  Well, not REAL camp, at any rate.  Nerd camp (that would be...

The years have not been kind to Smurfette.

Kids’ Birthday Cakes Made with Love, Cluelessness

Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Your cake is a mutation of the character you asked for The baker didn’t have a clue. [portfolio_slideshow] Source

This mom requested a meal in bed:  a beefcake sandwich.

Mother’s Day Portraits Gone Awry

Re-posted from last year, with several extra-heartwarming additions… Ah, Mom.  In honor of Mother’s Day being right around the corner, here are a few...