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Top 10 Tell-Tale Signs You Are a Mother

Happy Mother’s Day to all the hot mamas out there!  In honor of this most beloved holiday, here is The Laughing Stork’s list of the TOP 10 TELL-TALE SIGNS YOU ARE A MOTHER: 10.  The words “because I said so” have...


Parents Speak Out: Kids and Marriage

A new study reveals that children put a drastic strain on a marriage.  What are your thoughts? Jim Anderson, New Father and Forklift Operator “Just a second.  My wife is texting me AGAIN about picking up some fucking diapers.  I TOLD...


Parents: The Unsung Heroes

  Joyce Whitcomb, 45, helped increase appetites — and sales — at her son’s baseball bake sale fundraiser by donating her “special herb brownies.”  Profits from the munchies-fueled event covered the cost of...