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A Guide to Helping Young Girls Achieve “Dad Hair”

Many dads, my husband included, have a certain je ne sais quoi when it comes to working magic with a brush, a barrette (a “beret,” as Mr. Candy pronounces...


A Highly Scientific Breakdown of My Daily Parental Responsibilities

For those who might wonder how I allocate my time with my kids:


Flowchart: Should You Bring a Gift to the Kid’s Birthday Party with the Invitation That Said “No Gifts”?

A dilemma with which we’ve grappled many times…  


The Differences Between Parents and Grandparents

My parents are here visiting from Pennsylvania, much to my children’s delight (yes, mine, too, despite the fact they barely even remember my name whenever the...


Kid-on-the-Street Survey: Why Do Toddlers Feel Compelled to Throw Things?


Kicking Off the Weekend With Some Mommy Porn

Hey, just because we have kids doesn’t mean we don’t still have strong desires.  They’ve just, um, shifted a bit — which is why The Laughing...


Infographic: Most Popular Bathing Methods for New Mothers


Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

Turning 108, huh?  Pssshhh.  Good thing 108 is the new 98.  Hope life is treating you well up there in that big plate of green eggs and ham in the sky, big guy. To...


Infographic: What Mothers Have Learned from Having a Second Child


The Laughing Stork Gossip Exclusive: Blind Item

Which TV show sidekick suffers from a debilitating case of bunions due to wearing high heels for 82 years straight? Insiders say the star of the TV show, also rumored to...