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House Hunters Haikus

In poetic celebration of one of my favorite television series: HGTV’s House Hunters. Husband hates granite Wife wants a mansion for free Realtor rethinks job Some say show is fake House already in escrow But we are still hooked I’d Rather Be...

5 Things I Learned from the 2013 Emmys

1.  Zosia Mamet’s breasts are now starring in the “Mask of Zorro!” 2.  Will Arnett was apparently promoting his new spin-off of “Up All Night”:  “Tanning All Night.” 3. Sofia Vergara has ample breasts! ...

TV Show Titles — As Interpreted by Kids

On TV, Big Brother is a reality game show where a bunch of strangers live together in a house with little contact with the outside world.  But as far as kids are concerned?  “Big brother” usually means something like this: