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The Afternoon Dish: Isabella Cruise Talks About Nicole and Anna Faris on Official “BABY BUMP WATCH!”

MYSTERIOUS FAMILIES:  Isabella Cruise says,  “I see my mom [Nicole Kidman] sometimes”
With that kind of close relationship, Nicole must be getting something major from her on Mother’s Day.  Like a text message.

PREGNANCY ALERT:  Anna Faris announces she’s pregnant, shows off “bump” at Dictator premiere
Oh yes, Anna.  Consider yourself on official BABY BUMP WATCH!  Current status:  Size of a Lima Bean.

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First Pictures of Charlize Theron’s Baby Boy Are Making My Ovaries Dance

Stop staring at me with that adorably perplexed look, Jackson Theron!  My son is nearing his one-year birthday, a milestone that has been known to make my ovaries do the salsa in the past, so the last thing I need is you giving me a case of the babies, too.  Seriously.  And take that preppy baby cardigan off while you’re at it.  I mean it; it’s just more cuteness than I can bear.

At least you’re not wearing a baby fedora.  That may have just sent me over the edge.

More of Baby J…

Moms Hit the Red Carpet at the 2012 Met Ball [OH YES, THERE ARE PHOTOS]

My invitation to this year’s Met gala somehow got lost in the mail — No!  I lie!  The cats and I are convinced Leslie Bibb totally stole it — so instead of providing you with behind-the-scenes juice about Dakota Fanning throwing Skittles down the front of Sofia Vergara’s dress, all I can offer are these pictures of celebrity moms at the event, complete with expert fashion commentary below.

WARNING:  Parental discretion is advised, as Beyoncé appeared to have suffered a Mommy Brain moment and forgotten the back of her dress.  Whoopsie!  (We’ve all been there.)


Uh-oh. Looks like they ran out of Muppets willing to sacrifice themselves for Beyonce's get-up.


Gwyneth Paltrow is one mild breeze away from showing us where Apple and Moses came from.


Jessica Alba keeps it classy with a golden goddess Michael Kors number. What, no Muppet roadkill or near-vaginal slips? WHAT'S UP WITH THAT, ALBA?


There's a lot going on in this picture -- Tom! Gisele! Givenchy Haute Couture! Velvet! -- and yet all I can think is: DUDE, WHAT IS GOING ON WITH YOUR HAIR?!


A Sofia Vergara picture with no cleavage? Brace yourselves, folks -- it's a Sign of the Apocalypse!


Elizabeth Banks kindly stuck around in case Geisha services were requested.


Um, Alicia Keys...? I hope it's the fit of the tux -- and not having a child -- that's making your vagina appear to hang to your knees.


Amy Adams shows us how you can creatively use leftover holiday bows!


Debra Messing uses her easy-access dress to score some beads at the event! Sweet.


Cate Blanchett wears a black trumpet-hem Alexander McQueen gown. Bonus for the Met Ball's cleaning crew: her feather duster swept up all dirt in her path!


"I'm wearing Valentino because I love this dress. It reminded me of a different time," said Sarah Jessica Parker. Yes! A time when... "Little House on the Prairie" was on TV.


Heidi Klum wears an Escada mini with a lace overlay and Christian Louboutin heels -- you know, everyday mom attire.


Marion Cotillard, mom of almost one-year-old Marcel, wears Dior Haute Couture and little else.


Amy Poehler has made us laugh so hard that we can't breathe, so it's only fair that she wear a dress in which *she* can't breathe.


Brooke Shields armed herself with a cane because Arnold Schwarzenegger was rumored to show up. "Get your hands off of there, Schwarzenegger!"


Karolina Kurkova, mom of two-year-old Tobin, finds a creative solution for a bad hair day.

The Morning Dish: Jenny McCarthy’s Pregnancy Solidarity Tweet and Exton Elias Downey’s TV Debut [PHOTOS]

An oh-so-serious roundup of the latest celebrity family news…

CELEBRITY SISTERHOOD:   Jenny McCarthy Tweets this picture of herself, writing:  “Dear @JessicaSimpson. I think pregnant women look perfect just they way they are!”
Nice gesture.  Of course, in Jenny’s book, Belly Laughs, she ruefully writes:  “My pregnant ass…was loaded with cottage cheese.  …I was demoralized.”  But, you know, details, details.

FATHER OF THE WEEK:  Matthew Fox arrested for DUI
He never should have left the island.

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After Only Nine Years of Pregnancy, Jessica Simpson Gives Birth to Her Baby Girl! And the Name Is…

A picture of Jess back when she was only five years pregnant

To avoid giving birth to a toddler, Jessica Simpson decided to finally have her baby!  Yes, the reality star-slash-designer-slash-singer-slash-Chicken of the Sea contents inquisitor and her fiancé Eric Johnson welcomed their daughter, named Maxwell Drew Johnson, today.

“Eric and I are elated to announce the birth of our baby girl, Maxwell Drew Johnson,” she posted on her Web site. “We are grateful for all the love, support and prayers we have received. This has been the greatest experience of our lives!!”

Not only does her daughter share one of her names with my son Drew, but they also share a similarly impressive birth size:  Maxwell weighed in at 9 lbs. 13 oz. (Drew was 9 lbs., 12 oz.) and is 21¾ inches long.   In case you’re wondering how the heck they came up with the name, well… for the record, it is not sponsored by Maxwell House, although that would have been a stroke of promotional genius because the new parents will likely end up inhaling a ton of it after their upcoming sleepless nights.  Maxwell is actually Eric’s middle name, while Drew is Jessica’s mother’s maiden name.

And here my money was on Erica.  (Get it?  Eric + Jessica = Yeah, okay, you get it.)  Guess the cats won this betting pool.  AGAIN.

Congrats on your BIG ol’ bundle of joy, guys!

The Family Dish: Giuliana Rancic is Having a Baby & Drew Barrymore Attends Wedding-Slash-Baby Shower

STORK ALERT:  Giuliana and Bill Rancic announce they’re having a baby (via gestational carrier)
And as one of the viewers who has followed their journey on TV, I may or may not have teared up upon reading this news.  At which point, the cats rolled their eyes: “Here she goes again.”

TWO-FOR-ONE PARTYDrew Barrymore and Will Kopelman have a wedding-slash-baby shower
Registry items included ducky dishware instead of china and baby bottles instead of wine bottles.

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The Family Dish: Zuma Rossdale Celebrates Bookies & Madonna Laments Lourdes’ Li’l Smoking Habit

TOTS ON THE RED CARPETGwen Stefani and 5-year-old Zuma attend the Milk + Bookies Third Annual Story Time Celebration
And I can’t help but think:  Milk and BOOKIES?  Isn’t Zuma a little young to be gambling?

MOM CONFESSIONS:  Madonna says she wants to be a “tougher” mom and dislikes Lourdes’ smoking
Oh, what child hasn’t been caught smoking in the tabloids, really?
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The Dish: Angelina and Brad to Make Honest Folks Out of Each Other & Mattel to Make Katniss Barbie

FIRST COME SIX KIDS, THEN COMES MARRIAGEBrad Pitt and Angelina Jolie confirm that they are, in fact, ENGAGED!
And everyone wants to know:  What role will Angelina’s Leg play in the ceremony?  Guest Book Attendant?  Limb of Honor?

PREGNANCY TALK:  Hilary Duff says she “didn’t love” being pregnant
What, hemorrhoids and heartburn and swollen feet didn’t make you swoon?  Freak.

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Today’s Dish: Alicia Silverstone in Defense of Spit-Feeding & Ashley Judd in Defense of Her “Puffy” Face

CELEBRITY BABY CULINARY DEBATE:  Alicia Silverstone defends her chew-n-spit feeding technique, saying: “People have been feeding their kids that way for thousands of years. It’s a weaning process. … I think it’s adorable and I laugh every time he does it.”
“It’s true; my family has been doing it for centuries.”  — Big Bird

THE CHALLENGES OF MOTHERHOOD:  Katherine Heigl opens up about initially struggling to bond with her adopted daughter, Naleigh, revealing:  “Her rejection almost broke my heart.”
Yeah, okay, that almost trumps my tale of woe about the time my baby boy peed in my face.  ALMOST.

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