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Cougar Alert: Vince Vaughn’s Daughter Caught Putting the Moves on Owen Wilson’s Son

It’s the scandal rocking Hollywood’s two-and-under set:  Vince Vaughn’s 20-month-old daughter Locklyn has wielded her beauty and charms — most...

Top 10 Reasons Blake Lively Should Have 30 Kids with Ryan Reynolds

As only a 25-year-old childless woman, or a Duggar, could, newly married Blake Lively gushed to Allure that she would “LOVE” to have 30 children if she...


Pop Quiz: What Is Jessica Simpson’s Daughter Thinking?

Four-month-old Maxwell is thinking what in this photo shared by her mom on Katie Couric’s new talk show? 1.  “I asked for ‘beach hair’ —...


In Today’s Crazy Talk News: Beyonce Says Changing Diapers is “So Beautiful”

If you were wondering about the contents of Blue Ivy’s diapers, you’re in luck!  She apparently poops POTPOURRI — because that’s the only...


The Family Dish: Jessica Simpson Suffers from “Jessica Brain” and Ireland Baldwin Used to Her Dad’s Rage

JERSEY BOY:  Snooki introduces baby Lorenzo As Lorenzo thinks, “If I keep my eyes closed like this, I can pretend I’m not wearing this cheesy outfit!”...


Family Fashion Police: Ali Larter

Mr. Candy, our three-year-old daughter Skye and I share our thoughts about celebrities’ outfits.  Because the family that gossips together…watches E! News...


Exclusive First Baby Photo: Bill and Giuliana Rancic Introduce Edward Duke!

Sources say the baby is healthy, responds favorably to large amounts of product in his hair, and is already eschewing sleep in favor of working around the clock. 


If Celebrities Were to Pose for Anne Geddes…

This is what the cats and I think they might look like: James Gandolfini


Deep Thoughts: Guess What Harper Beckham is Thinking

Harper Beckham is thinking what as she leaves a birthday party in Los Angeles? 1.  That kid in front of us is totally photo-bombing this picture. 2.  Hope Mom and Dad...


Exclusive First Photo: Snooki’s Baby Reacts to the News That Snooki is His Mother