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Guess the Celebrity Baby Photos: Fourth Edition

Before the Oscar nominations and trips to “sex rehab,” celebrities were just innocent babies in search of their next hit of oatmeal, as we all were once upon a...

9-Months-Pregnant Woman Chases Mugger Then Delivers — and More Top News

Nine-months-pregnant woman chases after her mugger in grocery store parking lot — then delivers her baby Do not try this labor induction technique at home, ladies....

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling Welcome a Daughter!

Sources say when Ryan held her for the first time, he cooed, “Hey, girl…” I know.  I KNOW.  I couldn’t resist.

Deep Thoughts by North West

Lil’ Kim Names Her Baby Girl Royal Reign

In response, Royal Reign pooped her pants. Source

What to Expect from Kim and Kanye’s Wedding

As my fellow pop culture addicts surely are aware, the wedding of the CENTURY — well, okay, the wedding of the WEEK — is taking place soon.  That’s...

You Might Be a Mom at the Met Ball Gala If…

You took your daughter’s advice to “Dress like Belle!”

Kelsey Grammer, 59, Expecting Sixth Child — His Frasier Family Reacts

Yes!  Kelsey, also a grandfather to two-year-old Emmett, is expecting his second child with fourth wife Kayte Walsh — his sixth child in total.  (Follow that?)...

The REAL Reason John Travolta Butchered Idina Menzel’s Name

As everyone who watched the Oscars last night knows — and even everyone who DIDN’T watch the Oscars knows — John Travolta totally butchered Idina...

Today’s Celebrity News Presented in 6 GIFs

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton announce their separation.