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What Are Our Children Learning from “Max & Ruby”?


Guess the Celebrity Baby Photos: Fourth Edition

Before the Oscar nominations and trips to “sex rehab,” celebrities were just innocent babies in search of their next hit of oatmeal, as we all were once upon a...

How Life on ‘Orange is the New Black’ is Easier than Life as a Mom

My nights used to end with me collapsing into bed after one too many tequila shots.  Now…?  They end with me collapsing into bed after two exhausting bedtime...

“Modern Family” Wisdom: 10 Phil-isms to Live By

It’s that time of year when we welcome the best season of all; I am, of course, talking about the Fall TV season.  Woo-hoo!  To get us properly excited about...

9-Months-Pregnant Woman Chases Mugger Then Delivers — and More Top News

Nine-months-pregnant woman chases after her mugger in grocery store parking lot — then delivers her baby Do not try this labor induction technique at home, ladies....

Best. Makeover. Ever.

I’m not usually a fan of “ambush” makeovers — Hey, you!  You look terrible!  Let us tone down your hideousness! — but this one on Kathie...

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling Welcome a Daughter!

Sources say when Ryan held her for the first time, he cooed, “Hey, girl…” I know.  I KNOW.  I couldn’t resist.

If My Toddler Live-Tweeted Dora

He’s right; Dora really does need to put on her listening ears.

Deep Thoughts by North West

C’mon, Let’s Tweet to Help Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals!

I now interrupt your regular programming of family-related absurdity to let you know about something near and dear to my heart… While conducting behind-the-scenes...