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Kid Leaves Terrifying Note for Dad

I’m guessing this girl isn’t a morning person (just a hunch):


Is Our Children Learning?

If you worry about whether today’s children are taking their education seriously, look no further than these real-life test answers to see that… they...


Bonus Points for Using Proper Terminology, Kid

However, we have no choice but to fail the workbook illustrator for nebulous use of an arrow.  via Ellen  


A Nine-Year-Old’s Guide to “How to Raise Some Cats”

What a coincidence!  These are the very same instructions I’m following for “How to Raise Some 14-Month-Olds and 3-Year-Olds.” via Huffington-Post


Eight-Year-Old Girl Tackles School Assignment: “A Few Wonderful Things About Being A Girl”

That’s nice and all, but what about the really wonderful and important things?  Like our willingness to ask for directions when we’re lost?  And how we...

Wait, the message of this one is subtle.  What is she trying to say, exactly?

Dear Mom and Dad: Camp Bites the Big One

I have many wonderful memories from my childhood, none of which include my experiences at summer camp.  Well, not REAL camp, at any rate.  Nerd camp (that would be...


“Mommy, I Drew a Picture of You and a Bird!”

Or, as others might call it, “Mommy in the preschool drop-off lane.” With thanks to Laughing Stork reader, Krys, for sharing this awesome picture.  As Krys...


These Second Grade Teachers Are Setting Us Up, Man

The smile, the flushed face, the rays of sunshine surrounding her and the hearts to communicate Mom’s love of alcohol — yeah, I’d say the kid has...


That Moment You Find Out Your Son Has Problems Taking Direction from Princesses

Talk about grumpy (see what I did there?). I’m guessing the kid also wouldn’t take kindly to Cinderella telling him to use sentence case and apostrophes....


Son’s Hand-Written (Yes! Written! By Hand!) Diatribe About Mom’s “Nefarious” Alarm Clock Goes Viral

(My response follows.) If this were MY son…?  This would be my response: Dear Oldest Son, Considering YOU were the “douche-incarnate sleep molester”...