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Apocalypse Mom

Okay, this reader submission is AWESOME:


Lest you wonder why anybody would do this, I’ll let Laughing Stork reader and mom, Sarah, explain:  “I’m a special effects makeup artist. I guess you can say Halloween in my family is a pretty big deal ;)”

Something tells me the face painting booth at her kid’s birthday parties is going to be popular, too.

The One-Sided Playdate

With thanks to Laughing Stork reader, Erin, for allowing me to share this photo of her oh-so-thrilled cat.  Erin explains:

Walked by to see my son had been playing with Moxie.

Look on the bright side, Moxie — at least he didn’t have a magic marker.  This time.

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Talk About a Juvenile Sense of Humor

Thanks to Laughing Stork reader, Kristi, for sharing this hilarious photo of her son with the following introduction:

Not sure what makes this funnier: the fact that I am a Yankee living in the heart of Dixieland and my son has clearly inherited my NY state of mind or that my husband, who is 33, will still pick up any penis-shaped object, hold it between his legs, and say, “Hey, look at the size of this thing!”  Clearly, my son has inherited his dad’s potty humor as well:

“AY, you!  Suck on this!” 

(Don’t look at me like that.  His MOM came up with that caption, I swear!)

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