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Word of the Day: Instagrammed

Instagrammed (past participle; verb) 1. What us parents do to photographs of their kids in hopes of making them more “artsy” and interesting; 2.  Why kids of this generation will appear to have spent their childhoods submerged in...


Word of the Day: Adolescence

Adolescence (n.) 1. Nature’s way of preparing parents to welcome the empty nest. Synonyms:  The eye-rolling period; attitude with a capital ‘TUDE; one giant walking pimple More Storktionary parenting terms…


Phrase of the Day: Mommy Adrenaline

Mommy Adrenaline noun  /mom-ee uh-dren-l-in/ 1.  A magical burst of energy, widely called mommy adrenaline, that allows new mothers to power through exhaustion and mothers in general to juggle an ungodly amount of tasks at the same time. ...