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The “B” Word Sparks Outrage

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Remember the Days When Our Weekends Ended Like This?

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Gaga and Baby Have a Bad, Bad Romance

“What the heck, Mom?  I said I wanted to meet ONE DIRECTION!!!” Photo Source


Monday Mornings

They can be rough, I know.  All we can do is put our gloves on, one leg at a time. Photo Source


Truer Words Have Never Been Babbled

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Talk About a Juvenile Sense of Humor

Thanks to Laughing Stork reader, Kristi, for sharing this hilarious photo of her son with the following introduction: Not sure what makes this funnier: the fact that I...


“I Flew for 23 Hours and All I Got Was This Lousy Camera in My Face…”

With thanks to Laughing Stork reader, Ashley, for sharing this photo of her daughter for our amusement.  Ashley explains: Autumn is a military brat who started...


What Happens When the Kids “Help”

“Uh, you need bigger dog bowls, Mom.” Photo Source


Getting the Official Slurp of Approval

“Don’t worry, kid, I haven’t licked my butt since yesterday.” Photo Source


Funny Baby Picture: A New Take on Blowing Bubbles

Why the tears, young man?  If I had the talent to produce impressive snot bubbles like that, I would be the happiest woman alive.  (Most.  Awesome.  Party. ...