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Awesome Family Photo: Say “Push!”

THE DOCTOR:  While we’re taking a break and all, I should probably mention — it’s actually TWINS.

GRANDMA #1:  Oh… dear… heavens…

GRANDMA #2:  Is this going to go on that Tweeter thing everyone’s talking about?

HUSBAND:  Heh-heh.  Vagina.

SISTER-IN-LAW:  I’m so happy I have something else to focus on right now.

SISTER:  Even when she’s PUSHING A BABY OUT OF HER HOO-HA, she’s pretty.  I hate her.

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Mother’s Day Portraits Gone Awry

Re-posted from last year, with several extra-heartwarming additions…

Ah, Mom.  In honor of Mother’s Day being right around the corner, here are a few pictures that prove us moms are something special, all right.


Kids have a way of expressing their appreciation from the very beginning.


I think *all* kids have heard from their mother at some point, "If you love me, you will carry me wearing a bandage bikini."


This mom requested a meal in bed: a beefcake sandwich.


Waiting for everyone to smile at the same time can be a long, tiring process, indeed.


Good thing the kids are wearing masks to conceal their identity.


That girl is SO ready to call Child Protective Services.


Mom says, "Ho Ho Ho!"


"Where are your jazz hands, kids? JAZZ HANDS!"


Just a candid, natural peek into their everyday life.


The kid in the back just totally goosed Mom.


Let's just assume Mom is wearing a strapless bikini. *AHEM*


"What do you say, kid? Will you let me perform with you in the school talent show or what?"


All Mom ever wanted was for her daughters to blend in.