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Awesome Family Photo: Feel the Joy

If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands! Source


‘Tis the Season to Be Classy…

Unfortunately, his more festive “Deck the Balls” shirt was in the laundry.


Baby’s First Family Christmas Card

On the back, she signed it, “SAVE ME!” Photo Source


Pro Family Photography Tip: How to Get Everybody to Smile at the Same Time

Well, almost everybody. Photo Source


Awesome Family Photo: Say “Push!”

THE DOCTOR:  While we’re taking a break and all, I should probably mention — it’s actually TWINS. GRANDMA #1:  Oh… dear… heavens…...


Awesome Family Photo: Nobody Tapes Baby to a Window

Welcome to life as the fifth child. Photo Source

This mom requested a meal in bed:  a beefcake sandwich.

Mother’s Day Portraits Gone Awry

Re-posted from last year, with several extra-heartwarming additions… Ah, Mom.  In honor of Mother’s Day being right around the corner, here are a few...


Amazing Family Photo: Giving Whole New Meaning to “Wiener Dog”

What the dog is thinking:  “Don’t let him fool you.  A teacup chihuahua would have MORE than sufficed.” Photo Source


If You Don’t Stop That Bickering Right Now, I’m Going to Come Over There and Pump All of You!

Added bonus:  Other moms too scared to argue when she refuses brownie-baking responsibility for the PTA fundraiser. Source


Awesome Family Photo: UnLEASHing the Terrible Twos

Clearly, Edith’s granddaughter has not yet mastered the “sit” command. Source