Category: Funny Animal and Pet Photos


Funny Cat Picture: Getting Cat-Blocked

“Stop right there.  The last time we ‘wrestled,’ I ended up having eight kittens.”


Funny Kid Picture: A Dog Cone for Two

“Better not laugh at me, kid.  If you keep biting your friends at daycare, you could end up in one of these things, too!”


Snooki’s Pregnancy-Related Tweets…Interpreted by Cats

Because the only thing more inspiring than Snooki's maternal wisdom is having it interpreted by -- who else? -- pregnant kitties.


Funny Pet Picture: Trading Places

Meanwhile, the baby is sniffing a Dachshund’s butt over by the monkey bars. Photo Source


Amazing Family Photo: Giving Whole New Meaning to “Wiener Dog”

What the dog is thinking:  “Don’t let him fool you.  A teacup chihuahua would have MORE than sufficed.” Photo Source


Six Tips for Posing with Your Pet in a Family Portrait

How to make sure your furry friend doesn't completely upstage you.


Funny Baby Pictures: The Feline Futon

“Hmmm… I asked for a canopy bed — not a kitty bed.  But this will do just fine!”


“Nap Time”

An unpopular phrase with toddlers of all species.


Awesome Pet Portrait: Suit Up!

The career objective on this job candidate’s resume:  To be the most adorable employee EVER.


Embarrassing Pet Portrait: This Dog is Really Twisted

Poor thing obviously got stuck trying to bark the name of Jennie Finch’s new son.