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Humiliating Pet Portraits: I Wish I Weren’t an Oscar Mayer Wiener Dog

This poor guy’s owner had better sleep with one eye open — or else she might wake up in a revenge hamburger costume, swimming in a vat of ketchup and relish.


Yeah, This is Going to Go Well

“Hey, Matty.  There’s going to be a little baby around here soon!  Won’t that be fun?”


Humiliating Pet Portraits: Up to His Neck in White Stuff

“Okay, you’re going to get me out of here now, right?  RIGHT?!  Hey, where are you going…?!”


Humiliating Pet Portraits: Little Angels

…NOT! This may not be the wisest move, sharing an old Christmas card picture of our unhappy fluffballs, Marcy and Matty, as part of TLS’s “Humiliating...


World’s Ugliest Dogs Take a Bow (Wow)

Congratulations to this year’s winners of the World’s Ugliest Dog Competition, which rewards dogs for looking a bit, um, ruff around the edges.


Humiliating Pet Portraits: Hello Kitty, Er… Doggie

The pet adoption process can be downright exhausting.   Screening may include home visits, interviews and “lifestyle surveys” asking questions such as how...


Your Daily Dose of “Awwww”: Gay Penguins Adopt Orphaned Chick

Break out the cigars and rainbow flags! Z and Vielpunkt, two gay male Humboldt penguins at Germany’s Bremerhaven Zoo, are the proud new parents of a healthy...

Marcy the Bookend

Important Redecorating Update

As you can see, I’ve gotten a fluffy bookend* for the shelves in my new office space.  Doesn’t seem to appreciate it when I dust her with Pledge, though. ...


World’s Oldest Dog Celebrates Birthday

No, I’m not talking about Jack Nicholson, silly… Please join me in wishing Chanel, a dachshund from Long Island, a very happy 21st birthday.  While most...


Dancing with the Birds

To celebrate a recent study revealing birds may have a serious talent for dancing, I would like to introduce you to Snowball, a Cockatoo who really knows how to shake...