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An Official State of the Cats Update

How Lucy rolls: Damn straight we be hatin’, cat!  You’re shedding all over a stroller that cost us — I’m rounding up here — fifty-two-thousand dollars at the Overpriced Dolls ‘R’ Us store!  Hmpf.

An Open Letter to Rob Kardashian from The Cats

Dear Rob: We were watching E! News last night to see if they would share any more naked pictures of Prince Harry when Jason Kennedy alerted us to something very troubling — yes, perhaps even more troubling than the fact that Jay-Z is...

The Dirty Business of Friendship

Fast-forward five minutes:  “Yuck!  Kitty hairs!” Skye exclaims, trying to peel the hairs from her sticky hands, her unsuccessful attempts punctuated with dramatic sighs. “Yuck!  Toddler germs!” Marcy thinks, cleaning...

The Young Cat Who Lived on a Shoe

There was a young cat who lived on a shoe, But her mom wanted to wear the boot, and didn’t know what to do! So she lured Lucy off with a kitty treat And offered the cat a stiletto while slipping the boot on her own feet!

Where the Sun Don’t Shine

Where I found Marcy after scolding her for sitting in the baby’s high chair: Pretty sure that’s her way of telling me where I can stick it.