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Top 10 Ways Babies Resemble Drunk College Students

(Not that I know anything about being a drunk college student.  *Ahem*) 10.  They have no problem passing out in strange places. 9.  Bulk up by indulging in frequent...

Warning: This Baby’s First Laugh with Her Dad May Cause Infectious Laughter, Desire to Have More Kids

Here it is: Your daily dose of “AWWWWWW.”

Wingman-in-Training (Cartoon)

The Laughing Stork’s Baby Sign Language Chart

New signs you may not be familiar with -- but need to know

5 Best Things About Having a Diaper-Free Baby

The latest controversy sweeping parenting news — isn’t there always a controversy sweeping parenting news? — is mothers who let their babies, as young...

10 Things People Say to New Parents—and What They Really Mean

When we welcome a new addition into our lives, we also have no choice but to welcome a whole slew of comments from family, friends and perfect strangers. And, as...

The Real Guide to Getting Your Baby to Sleep

Sleep, or lack thereof, is a very popular topic among new parents—right up there with poop and feeding habits—so it is no wonder there is a whole empire built around...

New Mom Comic: Nursing-Friendly… or Husband-Friendly?

With thanks to friend of The Laughing Stork and artist, Mimidee, whose work — including the rest of her “Millie, Just a Normal Breastfeeding Mum”...

The Attack of the Haze’s Haze

You might remember my post from six months ago describing the haze of exhaustion clouding my life, a haze caused by a certain baby boy who refused to sleep at night.  I...

The Attack of The Haze

The fun of trying to get through the days when my 7-month-old still won't sleep at night.