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News Roundup: When a Man Loves a Kitty

Lasers + cat + mullet + glasses + Cosby sweater = Your Laughing Stork-recommended daily allowance of AWESOME.  [AFPP] My daughter shares why she loves me.  Hint: It involves my usual strong maternal instincts.  [Babble] “David...

"Who loves ya, baby?"

Weekly News Roundup: Who Loves Ya, Baby?

Kate Hudson says she thinks she’s having a girl.  But more importantly, what does the creepy psychic Russian woman on my street think she’s having?!  [People] Man leaves wife at home to go on romantic vacation with his dolls. ...


Weekly Link Roundup: Grandma is So Busted

This Christmas, give the gift of honesty:  While helping her dad clean out her grandmother’s old apartment, Amanda says she found the above “love note” tucked in a bottom drawer. “All my dad could say was, ‘Well, romance wasn’t...