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Dad Raises the Bar for Embarrassing Our Offspring

Wow.  And I thought it was embarrassing when my dad videotaped me leaving the house with my prom date — and he tripped and fell into the bushes.

At least he wasn’t wearing a wedding gown or Princess Leia costume, unlike a Utah dad who decided to wave good-bye to his teenage son on the school bus every morning while, um, wearing a crazy get-up.  Of course.

“When he did it the first day I was in shock,” Rain Price said. “It’s my first day of sophomore year. . . You don’t want to see your dad dressing up in a wedding dress, waving at you on the bus.”

Well, certainly not with those flip-flops.  Dad could have at least thrown on a pair of complementary white ballet slippers.  Geesh.

But Daddy Dale Price didn’t have time to think about proper bridal footwear, not with the important challenge of finding a different get-up every day.

“No recycling of costumes, that’s the rule,” Dale said. “I managed to adhere to that and for better for worse, we have some interesting costumes.”

Dale admits it did take a lot of effort to keep it up, but he believes the crusade was worthwhile.

“It’s a way of letting him know that we really care about him, but do something a little different,” he said. “It’s a father’s way of (saying I love you).”

Because hugs are so 2009.

“I hope this lives with him for the rest of his life,” Dale said. “He can use it against his kids and tell them, ‘If you think you are embarrassed by me, you should have seen your grandfather.’ That sort of thing.”

Can only imagine what Dale will do to top himself when Price starts bringing girls home — one-man performances of The Real Housewives of Orange County, perhaps?

To see all 170 costumes Dale wore while waving at the bus, check out the family blog.

News Roundup: New Site Skewers Big Kids in Strollers, Pink Has a Baby & Moms Stage a “Nurse-In”

New photoblog skewers kids who are too big for their strollers.  Good rule of thumb:  If your kid is rolling up to the bar to buy a round of tequila shots, she is probably too old for her stroller. [Salon]

McDonald’s:  Over 20 billion kids scared!  [Tots & Giggles]

Pink gets this baby party started, welcomes a baby girl named…  [The Celebrity Stork]

“The adoptive mother’s dilemma: Should you label your child as adopted?”  I can’t speak to it personally, but I am an advocate of honesty.  Except when my MIL asks if I like her cookies. [Babble]

Moms protest over right to breastfeed in public by staging a “nurse-in.”  Hmmm… isn’t the purpose of the protest to be able to nurse OUT?  [Chicago Tribune]

“Too young for kindergarten?  Tide turning against 4-year-olds.”  Hmpf.  I was four years old when I entered kindergarten and the only problem I had was being too tall for the damn monkey bars.  “You looked ridiculous on them,” my mom supportively noted during a recent trip down memory lane.  [NYT]

U.S. Education Update: Eighth Graders’ Field Trip Includes Hooters Lunch

Parents, if you worry about your children when they venture out for field trips, worry no more!  Turns out, educators are going above and beyond the normal curriculum by providing bonus anatomy lessons.

Case in point:  For one group of central Pennsylvania eighth-graders, a recent field trip to the Baltimore National Aquarium included lunch at Hooters.

Lucky kids!

When I was a youngster growing up in Central PA, our teachers never kept us abreast of short-shorts and cleavage trends.  LAME.  (Thank goodness for Saved by the Bell.)

The superintendent says that while he wishes the group’s coed chaperones had chosen another restaurant, he has not received any complaints from parents.  Most of whom must be single dads.

Talk about a happy meal, indeed.

News Roundup: The Stylish Placenta Brooch; The New Gender-less Baby Trend; The Hot C-section Debate

Yet another classic Father’s Day gift idea:  the handmade felt placenta brooch.  [Etsy]

And January Jones’ rumored baby daddy is… (soap operas may be getting canceled right and left, but the real-life ones go on!)  [The Celebrity Stork]

More people keeping their baby’s gender a secret… even after s/he is born.  In related news, the name “Pat” rises in popularity.  [Time]

David Schwimmer‘s new baby girl is understandably confused.  [The Celebrity Stork]

Conjoined four-year-old twins share a brain.  So when they say they share everything, they are not exaggerating.  [NYT]

If the kids are driving you crazy this weekend, get a reprieve by shoving free ice cream cones in their mouths.  Er, I mean… enjoy a lovely family outing at Walmart’s ice cream social this Saturday!  [The Shopping Stork]

Woman defends her choice to deliver by C-section, commenters respond in usual supportive show of female solidarity.  *Ahem*  [Babble]

Nestle launches baby milk equivalent of Nespresso.  Only a matter of time ’til it’s served at Starbucks.  [Reuters]

Husband of the Week So Far: Man Mugs Himself To Avoid Telling Wife He Had No Oprah Tickets

Most men hoping to curry favor with their wives will buy a bouquet of lilies or put the toilet seat down, but not Robert Spearing.  Oh, no…!  The 44-year-old from the Province of Ontario had to make his friends look bad with their wives by scoring tickets to — GASP! — Oprah’s Farewell Spectacular.

Too bad the tickets only existed in his head.

Obviously, Robert hadn’t exactly thought things through when he and his wife packed up and drove the more than 700 miles to Chicago to see the big show.  Unfortunately, he didn’t happen to find any Oprah tickets lying around at a rest stop or bump into Gayle King along the way.  So, naturally, Robert did what any other completely sane husband would do:  One day before the taping, he cut his own forehead with a rock and scraped his hands on the sidewalk to mimic injuries from a violent street robbery — then told police he’d been mugged by two men (“one African-American and one Hispanic”) who stole his tickets to the big show.

Don’t you just hate it when two violent criminals beat you down for your Oprah tickets?

Yeah, things didn’t exactly add up, so Robert was forced to confess that he’d totally made up the mugging story.  The Husband of the Week was charged with one count of felony disorderly conduct for filing a false police report.  He spent the night in jail and a relative showed up the next day to post bail.

I’m also guessing he won’t get a piece for a very, very, very long time.

Sometimes, it’s best to just stick to flowers and thoughtful bathroom habits.  Or to at least make your story more believable by making the muggers wild-eyed, steak knife-wielding housewives from Fargo.

via Chicago Tribune

News Roundup: Man Takes “Acting Like a Baby” to the Extreme & Botox Mom Not Abusive, Just a Liar (Phew!)

“A California man finds relaxation in role-playing as an infant.”  Oy.  Next time I tell a sick Mr. Candy he’s acting like a baby, I guess I should be thankful I don’t have to change his diaper.  [NatGeo]

Carla Bruni, wife of French President Nicholas Sarkozy, pregnant with second child at age 43.  Félicitations! (See, Mom?  All those years of French DIDN’T go to waste, after all.) [ABC News]

This little girl’s new pet looks very cuddly… when it’s not ferociously tearing into an antelope, that is.  [Tots & Giggles]

Botox Mom claims she made up her story for cash, at the urging of British tabloid The Sun.  Wait — you mean tabloids make up stories?!  [E! Online]

“What would you do if you saw a waitress refusing to serve gay parents?”  Well, I guess I would have to order a can of whoop-ass… and then open it on the waitress.  [ABC News]

Marriage advice for new parents.  I’m sure new moms and dads would really benefit from the tips… if only they could stay awake long enough to read them.  [Babble]

Latest Trend in Baby Naming: Torturing Children with Facebook-Inspired Names

No, I’m not talking about “Farmville” or “Poke.”  This might be even worse:  an Israeli couple has named their newborn daughter — I kid you not — “Like.”  Yeah, like, after the Facebook “Like” button.

Like, OMG.

The couple says they wanted a name that was “modern and innovative” so, naturally, they looked to Facebook for inspiration and decided on the button that people click on when they “LIKE” that a poodle wearing a tinfoil hat is more popular than Glenn Beck.

“In our opinion it’s the modern equivalent of the name Ahava [Love],” Lior Adler told the Israeli newspaper Maariv.  Except Like is much more classy.

Lior’s other two children also carry unusual monikers. His daughter is named Pie (after the dessert) and his son Vash (Hebrew for Honey).

Well, I cannot lie:  I do Like Pie and Honey.

The Adlers aren’t the first parents to look to the social networking site for baby name ideas. Earlier this year, an Egyptian father named his firstborn girl “Facebook” to honor the site’s role in Egypt’s revolution.  Which is touching, BUT… why not a Facebook-inspired name that is more soft and feminine, like Zuckerbergerita?

Oh, if only we were having a girl.  That would totally be her name.

Real-Life Soap Opera Moment of the Day: Black Couple Has White, Blond-Haired Baby

There can be a lot of surprises when a baby is born.  Finding out your little “Kim” is actually a “Tim,” as my disappointed mother-in-law experienced 29 years ago (sorry, Tim).  Or how much your newborn resembles a miniature-sized E.T.  But when you’re a black couple and your son turns out to be white…? There are bound to be some questions — not to mention a few raised eyebrows from the hospital staff.

Papa Francis Tshibangu admitted:  “My first thought was “Wow, is he really mine?’”

Yeah, that’s a fair question, I would say.

“I was too stunned to speak,” Francis added, “And I could see the doctors looking at each other, thinking the baby couldn’t be mine.”

Apparently, all it took was a smile from his wife, Arlette, to convince him that little Daniel was indeed his.  (Has he learned NOTHING from the soap operas…?)

Francis and Arlette already have a two-year-old boy, Seth, whose features reflect his African parentage.  Daniel, now 11 weeks old, is not albino; medical professionals believe his skin color may result from “a slight genetic mutation” or perhaps “dormant Caucasian genes.”

Interestingly, this is not the first time this has happened to an African-born couple living in England — Ben and Angela Ihegboro, a Nigerian couple living in London, gave birth to a white daughter last year.

Fingers crossed Daniel’s white features do not extend to his dance moves.  (Was that inappropriate?  My apologies… I should speak only for my lacking white dance moves.)

News Roundup: Botox for Tots (Botots!) & Post-Breastfeeding Weight Gain for Kourtney Kardashian

An important photographic reminder to choose your babysitter carefully.  [Tots & Giggles]

Kourtney Kardashian — GASP! — gains weight post-breastfeeding.  Which will lead to her gaining more money from QuickTrim, no doubt. [The Celebrity Stork]

Mother defends giving 8-year-old daughter Botox “to succeed in beauty pageants.”  In the mom’s defense, the girl did look like she was almost pushing 9.  *Shudder*  [ABC News]

Dive into summer with 50% off all children’s swimwear at OshKosh (plus 25% off coupon code).  [The Shopping Stork]

“I want my mommy!”  Parenting toddlers when they prefer one parent.  The only healthy way to handle that, really, is to pout, “FINE.  I don’t want you EITHER!”  [Babble]

Moms who have twins may live longer, study shows.  PLUS they get to dress their kids in sickeningly cute matching outfits.  Jealous!  [U.S. News]

News Roundup: Gender Reveal Parties; The History of Mother’s Day; Most Popular Baby Names of 2010

Just a reminder to submit YOUR mama-licious photo — one that you believe captures motherhood — to win more than $300 worth of beauty and parenting goodies.  All you have to do is become a fan of The Laughing Stork on Facebook and upload your photo by end of day Saturday.  Good luck!  [TLS on Facebook]

Gender reveal parties, where parents-to-be reveal the gender of their unborn child via the color of the cake, are all the rage now.  See also:  Ways to get even more baby gifts.  (Why didn’t I think of that?!)  [ParentDish]

Get the look for less: Katherine Heigl’s charm necklace with the name of her daughter.  (Well, your necklace would have the name of your child.  We presume.)  [Celebrity Stork]

Land of Nod short-sheets the prices on all bedding — crib, girls, boys, throw pillows and blankets — and offers a promo code for 15% off.  [The Shopping Stork]

The history of Mother’s Day: Why Anna Jarvis wished she’d never founded it.  In response, Hallmark says, “Enough of that crazy talk!”  [Babble]

Jacob, Isabella top most popular baby names of 2010.  Shockingly, Moroccan did NOT make the top 10 list.  Or the top 1,000,000,000 list.  [MSNBC]

News Roundup: Kid Throws Mom Under the Bus & Another Kid Gets Drunk on Hand Sanitizer

A child’s awesome weekend report for class.  Even more awesome:  the teacher’s response.  Damn straight, teach!  [Passive-Aggressive Notes]

Save on children’s clothes with Carter’s promo code.  And use those savings to buy yourself a TGIF drink!  (So your child can write a similar class report about you.)  [The Shopping Stork]

January Jones provides us with our recommended daily dose of “Who’s the BabyDaddy?” drama.  [The Celebrity Stork]

Reminder: Enter Your Most Entertaining Picture to Win Beauty & Parenting Goodies! [The Laughing Stork Mother's Day Giveaway]

Four-year-old gets drunk on hand sanitizer.  *SIGH*  Whatever happened to the good ol’ days of preschoolers catching their buzz from Listerine?  [Daily Mail]

A mom discusses the “preciousness” of three-year-olds.  And by “precious,” she means terrifying.  [Babble]

And yet another mom bans Barbie in the house, wonders how to get her own father to respect her wishes.  Hey, if Grandpa shows up with Barbie, there is nothing stopping Barbie from “visiting” the garbage disposal. [MotherLode]

For my Los Angeles readers:  An article I wrote for FamilyFinds listing my “Top 7 Places to Go in L.A. with Kids.” [FamilyFinds]

Kid Critic Thinks Famous Art Museum Needs Less Art, More Dinosaur Bones

Recently the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in Manhattan asked visitors to share their experiences on notecards that were then posted online.   Apparently, young Annabelle was not a fan of the exciting and provocative German Kubus Stacking Storage Containers collection and 1930s aluminum coffee table exhibit — shocking, as I thought all kids were enthusiasts of 80-year-old household stuff — and had no qualms about expressing her disappointment about her museum experience in general, as you can see to the right.

Although I agree that most every place can use more dinosaurs, did Annabelle not see MoMA’s Hugh Hefner exhibit...?