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Educator of the Week So Far: Teacher Writes ‘Loser’ on Sixth Grader’s Assignment

A North Carolina teacher is in trouble with a capital S-T-U-P-I-D after writing “loser” on a sixth grader’s assignments.   He said it was his way of...


End-of-Week News: Working Part-Time Good for Kids & Breastfeeding Good for Belly Fat

Study claims that moms who work part-time have the healthiest kids.  Because they only have to bribe their kids with donuts part of the day.  [San Fran Chronicle]...


“Do You Take This Pillow to Be Your Lawfully Wedded Wife? … I Do” (Till a Hotter Down Pillow Does Us Part)

If anything will restore your faith in true love, this is it:  Lee Jin-gyuhas finally made an honest pile of cotton out of his beloved ‘dakimakura’ —...


Mother Sues Hospital That — Oops! — Let Her Breastfeed Wrong Baby

I have to admit, I laughed when Pam breastfed the wrong baby on last week’s episode of “The Office.” However, it’s no laughing matter for a...


Payless Rolls Out Beauty and Booty Products

Once upon a time, Payless was synonymous with “inflexible plastic shoes that really f*ckin’ hurt my feet.”  They’ve come a long way, however,...


To Circumcise or Not to Circumcise: That is the Question Before Massachusetts Lawmakers

Confession:  I didn’t know male circumcision was such a hot-button issue in the U.S. until I got pregnant.


Say “Booby Cheese!”: Chef Makes Cheese From His Wife’s Breast Milk

As the old saying goes, when life hands you an abundance of breast milk, make cheese and blog about it.  Or something like that.  Which is precisely what New York chef...


End-of-Week News: Favorite Sitcom Births; Children’s Product Recalls; McSteamy’s McBaby

Study shows parents are better than TV at teaching babies to speak.  Especially if the baby’s watching a lot of Beaker on The Muppets. [Time] Eric Dane and...


‘Extra Small’ Condoms for 12-Year-Olds Hit Shelves, Egos

Several studies have revealed that adolescent boys aren’t putting on a Jimmy hat when having sex.  So, in response to this problem, a major condom manufacturer in...


Colleges Narcing Out Drunk Students to Their Parents

When I was in college, I enjoyed the occasional alcoholic drink and by “occasional,” I mean daily case of Moosehead.  In fact, I majored in keg stands and...