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The Real Dancer/Housewives of Martin County

‘Dancer/housewife’ busted after deputies see bag fall from ‘genital area’


Father Punishes Daughter by Forcing Her to Spend Time with Neighbors’ Kids

When 16-year-old Texan, Kirstin Rausch, got in trouble for throwing a late-night party (while her parents were upstairs sleeping… wise idea!), her parents came up...


Perfect for the Formal Dining Room: Placenta Prints

For those new mothers who prefer to admire their afterbirth on the wall, rather than devour it in a panini or cuddle with it in a teddy bear: The sales pitch: “I...

Etiquette Lesson: Why You Should Always Tip the Midwife

Police in southern Shenzhen City confirmed a patient’s claim that her anus had been sewn by a midwife suspected of taking revenge during the patient’s labor...


This is Why Educators Should Stick to Bashing Their Students in the Teachers’ Lounge

Teacher loses job after describing students as “germ bags” and parents as “snobby” and “arrogant” on Facebook.   I’m guessing...

Parent of the Week So Far

DRUNKEN DAD LETS SON, 12, DO THE DRIVING Key quote: “He’s driving ’cause I had a little too much to drink.  And he needs to learn how to drive...


Chocolate Cafe Not So Sweet on Breastfeeding

Hold on to your Hooter Hiders:  it’s another BIPS (Breastfeeding in Public Scandal)! According to the New York Daily News, a Manhattan mom is suing a chocolate...


Teens Go to Great Lengths to Legitimize Ignoring Their Parents

Listen up:  A new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association reveals that the proportion of teens in the United States with slight hearing loss has...


Deep Thoughts by Sasha Obama

“Yeah, my dad may be kinda dorky, but at least he’s not trying to fist-bump me!”


Headline of the Day

Da-da-da-dummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Actually, they can be used to help protect our country.  Studies show threatening terrorist suspects with the “tuna surprise” is even...