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News Roundup: Bert Takes One Step Out of the Closet; What to Expect Takes One Step Toward Big Screen

What To Expect When You’re Expecting to be adapted into a romantic comedy.  Um, what?  When I read the book, seemed more like horror film material.  [EW] Acne cream...


Heartwarming Family Headline of the Day

Note to Skye:  When the time comes, hopefully way, way in the future, I would prefer that you not inhale my remains in such a dishonorable way.  Now, a delicious...


A Family’s Runny Mashed Potatoes Emergency and Other Breaking News

Behold the world’s most expensive crib, costing $19,995.  Best of all, that price tag…?  DOESN’T INCLUDE ASSEMBLY.  [Posh Tots] Illinois boy calls...


Non-Mother of the Day So Far: Woman Who Strips Outside Bar to Give Birth Isn’t Actually Pregnant

That’s right, in today’s episode of I Didn’t Know I Was NOT pregnant… An irate woman who stripped outside a Wisconsin bar claiming she was about...


Ice, Ice Baby: Embryo Frozen for 20 Years Is Now a Bouncing Baby Boy

This is a little mind-boggling:  A healthy baby boy was born in Virgina from an embryo cryopreserved for 20 years.  That’s right — the embryo is older than...


Surefire Way to Get Blacklisted from Birth Announcement Mailing and Other Helpful News

Sesame Street song encourages black girls to embrace their hair. Heck, I think almost ALL girls could benefit from that message (says the girl who started frying and...


Adding Grey Goose to Your Baby Registry and Other Important Parenting News of the Week

Creative parents fashion stroller into iPhone for Halloween.   Wouldn’t be surprised if the kid’s Graco stroller got better reception than my...


Headline of the Day

If Spanish men are breastfeeding their kids, maybe I married into the wrong nationality. FULL STORY >>


End-of-Week News: Dawson Becomes a Daddy; Kids Become Traumatized; Maternity Wear Becomes Sporty

James Van Der Beek and his wife have a baby on my birthday, and didn’t even honor the occasion by naming her Candy.  RUDE.  [CBS News] Mom makes kids watch home...

Teacher of the Day So Far

NIRASAKI, Yamanashi — An elementary school teacher here instructed his students to make a ransom note as part of their moral education, it has emerged. [Ed. note...