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For Sale by Typo-Challenged Owner: Funny Real Estate Ads

I am obsessed with real estate, to the point that our DVR is filled with episodes of House Hunters (because I can’t live without knowing which townhouse in Nashville Tom and Annie chose!) and, before kids, my Sunday afternoons were spent touring open houses in the greater Los Angeles area (and taking advantage of the free cookie platters).

Which may be why I find these real estate ads particularly funny:

Hey there, Shirley, where is the home located again?  I’d love to check out that, um, view.

Too bad.  I find that ferrets are much more reasonable negotiators.

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The Ultimate Guide for Holiday Decorating Ideas — The Laughing Stork


The Ultimate Guide for Holiday Decorating Ideas

Our ultimate Christmas guide features ideas for your plastic junk, grab-worthy centerpieces, ways to make decorating the Christmas tree even more laborious, and more.

Outdoor Decorations

The key to making a statement with your outdoor Christmas decorations:  “More is more,” advises The Laughing Stork’s design expert and Co-Chairkitty, Marcy Cuddles.  “To paraphrase Kelis, ‘My plastic junk brings all the neighbors to the yard.’  Don’t be afraid to layer that plastic junk with even more plastic junk — you can never have enough penguins in Santa hats, by the way — on both your yard and your roof, and complement it with several hundred strings of lights in varying colors.  Top it off with extra-loud Christmas music for the whole neighborhood to enjoy all night long and voila!  Magic.”

Hint:  If you take a step back and can still see a hint of your house, you haven’t gone far enough.  ADD MORE PLASTIC JUNK.

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Domestic Tip of the Day


Problem:  Your clumsy 20-lb. cat decides to jump on your desk to google “hot kitty Halloween costumes,” knocking your full glass of fruit punch on the floor in the process, and even a professional carpet cleaner is unable to get the damn stain out.

Solution:  Brighten up the area with lovely flowers.  This will not only counteract the ugliness of the stain, but also distract house guests from noticing the stain and instead lead them to wonder, “Why the hell does this nutbag have a vase of flowers in the middle of her rug?”

This has been your Martha Stewart-esque home and garden tip of the day!

Home Decorating Tip


Plain porcelain bathroom sinks are so uninspired.

So we decided to spruce things up with a cat-filled sink!  PETA be damned.  (Tip:  The sink accessory does not appreciate it when you wash your hands.  Or brush your teeth.  Or try to use the sink in any way.  Definitely more fashion over function.)