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For Sale by Typo-Challenged Owner: Funny Real Estate Ads

I am obsessed with real estate, to the point that our DVR is filled with episodes of House Hunters (because I can’t live without knowing which townhouse in...


The Ultimate Guide for Holiday Decorating Ideas — The Laughing Stork

The Ultimate Guide for Holiday Decorating Ideas Our ultimate Christmas guide features ideas for your plastic junk, grab-worthy centerpieces, ways to make decorating the...


Domestic Tip of the Day

Problem:  Your clumsy 20-lb. cat decides to jump on your desk to google “hot kitty Halloween costumes,” knocking your full glass of fruit punch on the floor...


Home Decorating Tip

Plain porcelain bathroom sinks are so uninspired. So we decided to spruce things up with a cat-filled sink!  PETA be damned.  (Tip:  The sink accessory does not...


Help Your Kid Sleep Well in the Jaws of a Dinosaur

If you think this T. rex bed causes nightmares, just wait until you see the kid’s crocodile bath toys.


I’m Dreaming of a Garish Christmas

Yay…!  Contrary to what my Grandma Kirby always told me, dreams can come true:


The Laughing Stork Home Edition: The House of Louis Vuitton

Why, I had no idea Louis Vuitton had launched a home collection!  And they rolled it out in Mexico, no less.  Interesting choice.  Given the...