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More Fun with “Creative” Baby Shower Cakes: A Womb with a View

You know what’s even tastier than Strawberry Jell-O with chopped bananas?  Amniotic sac Jell-O with forming babies.  YUM. Watch that wobble, see that wiggle,...


Awkward Baby Shower Cakes: Push It Good

Baby showers are a time for women to “ooohhh” and “aaahhh” over tiny socks and breast pumps, and for men to be thankful they’re not women....


Keeping You Abreast of Baby Shower Cake Trends

This is what happens when a man designs a cake:  Amazing attention to detail on the perfectly perky double-Ds (clearly, this cake has been stored in the FREEZER), yet...


Baby Shower Cake: This One Calls for a C-Section

Oh dear.  I think she may have eaten her twin.


Baby Shower Cakes That Make You Go, Hmmmm

A cake certain to make the baby shower hostess the butt of many jokes: Well, this is just all sorts of wrong, isn’t it?  I mean, everybody knows you’re NOT...

Dibs on the bowl of placenta!

More Fun with Disturbing Baby Shower Cakes

Good thing heavily pregnant women usually have voracious appetites, because you’d have to be VERY hungry to be willing to dig into any of these beauties…...


Baby Shower Cakes: Why You Should Never Drink & Bake

Finally:  A cake celebrating blow-up dolls giving birth to monkey-toddlers with hair clips!  There has definitely been a void in this growing market until now.


Yet Another Precious Baby Shower Confection: The Smashed-Baby-in-a-Box Cake

Awwww.  Don’t pay attention to those silly women’s magazines, baby — cellulite is NO reason to hide your face! Source


This Baby Shower Cake Really IS All Belly

That’s right, young man — when a woman becomes pregnant, sometimes her head and limbs fall off and ALL THAT IS LEFT IS HER BELLY IN A FLOWER POT. ...


A Baby Shower Cake That Comes Pre-Sliced

I’m not sure which part is more disturbing:  the little hand severing his mom’s belly to share a grammatically incorrect message with shower-goers, or that...