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What is This Cake Celebrating?

1.  Mickey’s new theme song:  It’s the Mickey Mouse Gentlemen’s Club(house)

2.  How a mother nursing her child is as comforting as Mickey’s warm embrace.  (Precious, I know.)

3.  The death of our childhood innocence.

4.  A beheaded stripper and Mickey Mouse sitting in a pool of blood can only mean one thing:  They’re launching CSI:  Disney World.

5.  None of the above.  The crazy cake is celebrating _____________.

via Cake Wrecks

Here’s a Baby Shower Cake with a 3-D…ear God, What is That?!

When I was pregnant with both of my kids, I loved getting 3D ultrasounds of them.  Look at that!  THAT’S A REAL BABY IN THERE! I would exclaim, apparently having previously believed that I was carrying fake babies.  I was in awe of those ultrasounds, memorizing every little detail of their claymation-like faces.  I assumed my family would be similarly blown away by the amazing technology.

That was not the case.

“Ew.  They creep me out,” my sister e-mailed.  Hmpf.

Well, now that I’ve seen THIS on Cake Wrecks, I wish I had gotten a similar one for my baby shower:

“Peek-a-boo, Aunt Angie!”

You know, just to REALLY mess with her.