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If Only Childbirth WERE Full of Sprinkles and Strawberries

I must be becoming desensitized to these childbirth recreation cakes, because I must say: that vagina cake looks delicious. via Imgur

These sperm cupcakes are sure to go over swimmingly with guests.

Time to Gawk at More Bizarre Baby Shower Cakes — and Cupcakes!

Because when you think of celebrating a new life, you think of these words:  alien chest burster, sugary sperm and a cannibal’s dream cupcake!


Baby Shower Cupcakes Gone Apocalyptically Wrong

Sign #164 of the Zombie Apocalypse?  Zombie babies invading our baked goods… With thanks to Laughing Stork reader, Tara, for submitting the photo of the...

The Ol’ Crustacean Baby Shower Cake

I keep waiting for The Little Mermaid‘s Sebastian to pop up and start singing, “Under the C(-section)…” Source

If Burger King Were Having a Baby, This Would Be His Baby Shower Cake

Because who else in their right mind would want a glossy, crown-wearing edible baby with a blanket the color of french fries? More bizarre baby shower cakes…! via Cake...

Things Are Going Just Swimmingly with This Baby Shower Cake

Not sure why the rest of those sperm look so happy.  Poor things must not know their immediate fate. via Cake Wrecks

Now Here’s a Cheery Baby Shower Cake!

Just what a hormonal pregnant lady needs: For she’s a jolly good fellow!  For she’s a jolly good fellow! For she’s a jolly good fellow… which...


At Least the Stork Uses a Breathable Sling When *He* Delivers a Baby

AKA, here is another beautiful baby shower cake gone wrong: Miraculously, the baby already uttered her first words:  “I CAN’T BREATHE IN HERE,...


More Crazy Baby Shower Cakes: It’s a Boy!

My fascination with wacky baby shower cakes is well-documented — and these confections are my latest faves, announcing “IT’S A BOY!” in, um,...


What is This Cake Celebrating?

1.  Mickey’s new theme song:  It’s the Mickey Mouse Gentlemen’s Club(house)… 2.  How a mother nursing her child is as comforting as...