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Then and Now: Life with Kids

Remember life before kids?   Yeah, our recollection is a little fuzzy, too.  Let’s take a stroll down memory lane to see how everyday life has changed since becoming parents…  


Candy’s TGIF Piña Colada

Is this post too late for a proper TGIF toast?  You betcha!  My apologies… how ’bout we just call it a TGINT (Thank God It’s Not Thursday) drink then, because yesterday really bit the big one for me.


Candy’s TGIF Peach Margarita

I’m not going to be able to properly celebrate Cinco de Mayo this week, what with Mr. Candy having the audacity to WORK on that holiest of party days — sacrilege! — so we are going to raise a glass in honor of it tonight...


Candy’s TGIF Spring Fling Martini

I am sooooo ready for real spring weather — not the nice day here, nice day there, rudely interrupted by intermittent chilliness and rain — so I thought I would encourage Mother Nature to commit to spring already with a celebratory...


Candy’s TGIF Sick Tot-tini

“One of the boys here has a cold, and the doctor told his mom it’s definitely contagious,” Teacher Nicole tells me apologetically as Skye coughs on cue. Damn. The last time we went down this road, the cold was followed by an...


Easter Kitties!

An important follow-up to yesterday’s somber Easter tribute, “Doggies in Bonnets,” celebrating KITTIES IN BONNETS!  (And other ridiculous Easter gear.)


Easter Doggies

With Easter right around the corner, I thought it would only be appropriate to honor the holiday as it was meant to be:  by laughing at pictures of dogs in Easter bonnets.