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    • I’ve got depression and anxiety, and I’ve also been to a psychiatric ward before (no padded cell- not a state hospital; a lock down facility noenlhetess) though I think what bothers me most is how the shop looks.It makes me angry.

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    • My spouse and i ended up being now ecstatic when Albert managed to carry out his homework out of the ideas he made through the site. It is now and again perplexing to just be handing out techniques which often some other people could have been trying to sell. We remember we’ve got the writer to thank for this. The main illustrations you’ve made, the easy website navigation, the friendships you assist to foster – it is all awesome, and it is assisting our son in addition to us feel that the idea is exciting, and that’s pretty serious. Thank you for all the pieces!

    • trying again…hope this doesn’t duplicate….I like the bottom left. The black brings the rose out to the front and makes it stand out. The distressing on the bottom again picks up the pink. I would add a drop shadow to the lettering though.

    • 1a2Bonjour Madame,Merci beaucoup pour les renseignements !! Bon ben j’attends les nouvelles dans les prochains jours pour savoir si ma directrice a droit à une AADE à nouveau !!! J’ai hâte car il est vrai qu’on désespérait !!!Encore mille fois merci à vous et vos collègues pour votre soutien de ces derniers mois !!!!Bonne soirée et bon dimanche.Cordialement21

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