The Celebrity Stork Report: Kim Kardashian and Alanis Morrisette Wear — GASP! — Bikinis and Kate Middleton Goes Rogue with Stroller

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Us Weekly taunts America with this cover of Kim Kardashian and questioning headline.

In response, America said, “No, we call it Photoshop.”


Meanwhile, mom of two-year-old Ever, Alanis Morrisette, also donned a bikini while in Hawaii

Hey, if any mom of a toddler actually manages to find time to shave, she SHOULD show it off.


Kate Middleton stirs controversy by buying a — GASP! — $1800 Dutch-made Bugaboo stroller instead of the traditional, British-made Silver Cross

Of course, it’s all a moot point because Uncle Harry plans to carry him around in an empty Kegerator.


Tom Hanks considered “most trusted person in America” according to a Reader’s Digest poll.

In response, Tom’s first wife — on whom Tom cheated with Rita Wilson — said, “Um…no.”


Malin Akerman posts this photo of her three-week-old son, Sebastian, on Instagram with this comment:  “Did my hair today and this was my son’s reaction… I think he likes it.”

Well, the wolf-whistle IS one of the three-week milestones.

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