10 Celebrity Kids Who Look Like Their Dads

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If I had a dollar for every time somebody told me I looked like my father, well, let’s just say I’d be sitting on a diamond-encrusted throne instead of a milk-encrusted dining room chair right now.  (Yes!  That’s how I would spend my millions:  on bejeweled furniture.  As any sound financial advisor would recommend.)  In fact, the only person who has ever told me that I resembled my mom was a neighbor…with an alcohol problem.  (True story.)

And I have no doubt these famous offspring hear the same broken record I have:  “You look just like your dad!”  “No paternity test needed here!”  Har, har, har.  Check ‘em out in the slideshow below:  10 celebrity kids who look just like their pops!


Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's son, Max, is his dad's mini-me. (Until next year, when he surpasses his dad in height.)


Jaden Smith: Fresh Prince, Jr.


The resemblance between Mathilda and her father, Heath Ledger, is almost breathtaking. The most beautiful legacy he could have left.


Bob Sheen is dad Charlie's mini-me, right down to the scowl.


The luck of the Irish (genes): Tori Spelling's kids, Stella and Liam, look just like their dad Dean McDermott.


Alexa Ray Joel not only inherited her dad's looks, but also his talent. (But hopefully not his divorce record. Or her mom's, for that matter.)


Kingston Rossdale got Gavin's rocker good looks (and his mom's fondness for hair bleach).


Colin Hanks, a respected actor in his own right, bears more than a passing resemblance to dad Tom.


Christina Aguilera's son, Max, bears a striking resemblance to music producer Jordan Bratman.


Sorry, Harry, couldn't resist.

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    • I always thought Suri was a mix of both of her parents. She *does* look a lot like Tom, though. Can’t understand all of the “Chris Klein is the baby daddy” theorists that remain. Tom’s definitely the dad…somehow.

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