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Parenting Moments at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards

When I sat down in front of the TV this evening, one kid on each knee, I must admit I got a little choked up when I saw just how fascinated my children were with the Golden Globes Red Carpet show.  Yes, they were actually quiet and engaged!  I don’t know if it was all of the sparkly gowns, or the uncomfortably entertaining tension between Giuliana and Ryan, but they were mesmerized.

Those are my kids, all right.  And I’ve never been more proud of them.  *Sniff*

I was also touched that Sir Ben Kingsley decided to make it “Take Your Daughter to Work Day”…

Oh, wait — that’s not his daughter sitting on his lap?  *Ahem*  My mistake.

There were also many celebrity moms who cleaned up nicely for the show.  If you didn’t get a chance to gawk at and judge their dresses (hey, that’s what it’s all about!), here’s a peek at some of them:


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Candy Kirby

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  • I like how you added a picture of their every day looks. It gives me hope!
    And by the way, Angie got a lot of ‘nay’ for her dress, but I think she totally pulls it off. She looks like a million bucks!

    • She really does, J-Force. A refreshing departure from all of the nude-colored and fishtail dresses we saw on the red carpet.

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